Friday, 16 December 2011

Bit more background

2 books got me into amigurumi, creepy cute crochet by Christine Haden and super happy crochet cute amigurumi by Elisabeth Doherty. The first amigurumi pattern I followed was Elisabeth Doherty’s little mouse which I’ve already flashed on here. I then went on to make dozens of the creepy cute gurumis, I was hooked. These books were my inspiration and from them I started working on my own patterns and style.

I was getting confident in what I was making and started to think about blogging about it and having an online shop. My plan was to get a good few dolls made and some simpler patterns ready to go and launch it all but then my life changed all together.

I’d been single for a while, happily so. I had a job I liked, a great flat, friends, family and my craft. I’d have liked to have had a cat but I didn’t think I’d find a man. That said I didn’t think there would be any harm going on and having a look. I met Andy, we emailed for 6 weeks every day before we met in person. I knew before I met him that he had kidney problems but I never really worried about it, It might sound selfish but I thought if he’s on dialysis 3 nights a week then I’ve still got those nights to myself to crochet. It didn’t quite work out like that.

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