Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Mr Snowman

Well this morning I got locked in. The door decided to break. I had a bit of a stupid girly moment and got all panicky, then I decided to man up and get some tools, only to remember they were in the shed. I found a screwdriver eventually, screwed the door handle off, only for the other side of off the door handle to fall off outside where i couldn't get it. I hit things with a screwdriver for a while then gave up, rang my in laws who are also my landlords and left it to them to sort out. While waiting for my freedom I made this snowman. His arms are made from wool dipped in glue then shaped. Other than that he's just 3 balls of crochet and a hat (If anyone is interested I'll post the pattern for the top hat.). So now its finished, the door is fixed and I'm free but its raining so I think I'll have a cup of tea and make this snowman a festive friend.
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