Monday, 3 March 2014

March already

Well the last month has sped by and its March already and its starting to feel a little bit like spring.

I've been having a spring clean and taking stock of my yarn stash. As you might guess I have a lot of yarn. Making amigurumi you need a lot of colours but you don't use a lot of each so the stash keeps on building and its easy to miss when you've run out of a colour I use all the time. I also have to check if any of the colours have been discontinued by the manufacturers. This is really important as I don't think anyone would be happy if I wrote a pattern and use a yarn colour that they could get anymore.

After the stock-take comes the stock up
I was really impressed by wool warehouse I have never used them before but they were great. easy to use website, free delivery and it arrived the next day. This about a third of what I had to buy to top up my stock and is mainly the rico cotton aran. Its a new range for me and I have a lot of projects planed for it :)

I have been busy working on more magazine patterns. I had two in the latest issue of craftseller
 The first project was a piggy cup warmer. This was pretty simple apart from they needed it on a really short deadline. I had an afternoon to make it in order to get it in the post the nest day. Kinda like a speed crochet design challenge. I was pretty calm though until I realized I didn't have a take away coffee cup to measure. I don't drink coffee so I had no idea of the size. This is where the internet comes in very handy and Facebook friends came to the rescue. I love the finished photos from the magazine it looks very cosy.

Thankfully they gave me a bit more time for the next project. This daffodil brooch had its own set of challenges as I wanted it to be made in one piece and I wanted the pattern to be as simple as possible and quick to make. Most importantly I wanted it to be pretty. I think it worked quite well and it has inspired me to make more flower patterns.

I'm hoping spring will be a busy one here on the blog I have a lot of things in the pipeline and I'll try and keep things updated a bit more often.

I'm going to join in on handmade Monday again too :)


  1. I saw both these patterns in Craftseller and thought they were wonderful. I'm planning on using the daffodil to make a crocheted wreath. Thanks for sharing your lovely patterns.
    Ali xx

  2. I'm most envious of your new yarn order, such an array of colours! The daffodil is very pretty.

  3. Beautiful patterns - and your rainbow wheel of yarn is just too lovely to actually use!!!

  4. I love these but especially the pig holder.I have a cup like that for my daily Tassimo coffee and that's just what I need!

  5. The piggy cup holder is adorable, and I'm very jealous of all your wool stash!

  6. I wish I could get these in the US. I DESPERATELY want to make the piggy cozy!

    1. Drop me an email at lizwardcrochet@mail,com and I'll see what I can do