Thursday, 6 March 2014

Craftseller daffodil

Thank you for the lovely responses from everyone who's been making the daffodil brooch from this months craftseller. With your help we've discover a typo in the pattern that means the petals aren't coming out right.

Round 2 of the petal round should read it should read - Rnd 2: (dc, ch2, 2htr, 2tr, dtr, 2tr, 2htr, ch2, dc) in each chain space around.

I'm sorry to anyone this has caused a problem for. Hopefully now you'll all get you petals pointing in the right direction :)

I've been making some more daffodils and playing around with colour to give you some idea of the different looks you can get

 Top left I've started in orange for the trumpet and changed to the bright yellow for the petals. Top right is worked completely in yellow except for the last round  in the pattern of the trumpet where I've changed to orange for the frill. I also added a few knotted strands of orange inside the trumpet to look like stamen.
 Bottom one is my favorite, the trumpet is worked in pale yellow and changing to white for the petals.

Close up and showing a slight side view.

There are so many colour combinations you could try. I know in my garden I have one with white petals and the trumpet it a peachy pink, I think I'll try that next.

Happy crocheting x

If you have made this and what to share a picture of your finished daffodil you can post a picture on Craftsellers Facebook page or my Facebook page


  1. Great :-) I thought it must be me getting it wrong!! Love your daffs by the way.

  2. Wow! That flowers look so great! It's a pity that I can't get the magazine to make them by myself! T___T