Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Love crochet

Love crochet is a quarterly magazine and its jammed full of fantastic crochet pattern. In the past they have published some of the patterns I have done for craftseller magazine but for their Easter issue the wanted an original commission. Easter of course means bunnies :)

 It was a lovely surprise to see they made the cover. This is my 5th cover design not bad for a fledgeling crochet designer only just in her second year of working for magazines.

For these bunnies I turned  my normal pattern writing process on its head and started these from the legs up. I've used the rico cotton essentials again as its such a lovely finish for amigurumi and has the largest range of colours of any cotton range I've found. Love crochet wanted them in vintage colours and I think this rose pink and pale blue work well with the cream and pale grey of the bunnies.
I think the best thing about these bunnies is that they are so customizable. With this basic pattern it only takes a little bit of imagination and a few crochet skills to make this bunny with any outfit. most obviously they could be made into a bride and groom but you could really go to town and come up with any thing.

I may have a play myself and come up with some more outfits for bunnies.

In other news I have been playing with my new yarn and decided it was time to make something for me. I love this green yarn and couldn't resist hooking it up straight away and making myself this little crochet hook case.

 Its made simply in cobble stitch and then the inside is just felt. Its not perfect but as its just for me I don't mind. I can decide about maybe adding some decoration to the fount. It defiantly need some way of keeping it closed so maybe a button and a loop?
All my lovely hooks together hopefully now I won't loose my 3.5mm so often.

I'll leave with a sneaky peek at my latest pattern for my etsy shop - new hearts.


  1. How can I order a subscription for Love Crochet magazine. Is is US based? Is there a website I can subscribe from? Thanks!

  2. Hi Grace its a UK magazine but they will post it to anywhere in the world details are as follows

    you can order online at www.subscribeonline.co.uk/magazinespecials or by calling 0844 8440388 and buy a copy for £4.99 with FREE p&p.
    (price above for UK, EUR - £6.99, ROW - £7.99)

  3. I like the crochet case very much! It's a good idea! Maybe I should make one too because I'm always looking for my hooks before beginning to crochet XD

  4. Hi i am really finding it hard to find your magazine love crochet in derby i'm running out of places to look for it , is the next issue no 5