Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween craft swap

Happy Halloween guys

This month I took part in with u in minds Halloween craft swap and today I got to open my surprise.

There was a lot of excitement in the house as the package rattled and the cats have been trying to get into it since it arrived.

 Cal sitting on top of the door watching me open the parcel.

 Our first clue was this note. I was a bit bemused by this note but the Kitty's knew what it meant straight away.

 Cass getting very over excited when she realises the prezzie is for her :)

 Look how fantastic is this a kitty collar for Halloween. Such cute little pumpkins and now we know what was making that rattle.

 Cal was first up to claim her present

 here Cal is sporting the lovely pumpkin collar.

 She got a bit carried away and started pulling scary faces.

Next up it was Cassis turn. Cassi hasn't worn a collar for a while so she wasn't too happy to try it on and stormed off in a bit off a huff after I got it on.

 She got used to it and even though I put it upside down she won't let me take it off now :)

I really had fun taking part in the Halloween swap and I really hope my partner likes her gift as my Kitty's are really happy with theirs

You can see all the swap links on with u in minds blog


  1. Super mass uber cuteness :D Hope you had fun taking part and thank you for joining in!

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