Monday, 8 October 2012

adventure is out there

Very early morning I was woken up by the awful sound of a very scared kitten. If you have cats you will know that they make lots of different noises but you are left in no doubt when they are hurt or scared as they scream their little hearts out. Heart in mouth I jumped out of bed to see what the matter was. I couldn't find her, I searched everywhere, opening every cupboard door and trying to think of anywhere she could have got trapped but she was no where to be seen. I was getting really worried there was only one place left she could be. The kitchen window was slightly open so she was ether on the windowsill outside or she had fallen out and hurt herself. I couldn't see anything but I could still hear her yelling her head off so at least she was alive.
When it was light enough to see I went out into the garden to see if I could find her but again she wasn't there. I was getting really worried now, the little lamb was still screaming her head off but I just couldn't find her anywhere. Commence me running like a mad think around re checking everywhere. The only place left to look I hadn't checked was the loft. There is no way into the loft apart from the hatch at the top of the stairs so I was shocked when I open the hatch and her calls got louder. All of a sudden a little face covered in cobwebs appeared before me, I put my hands up and she fearlessly jumped into them, purred loudly and settled into my arms for a cuddle. I have no idea how she got into the loft, shes just a bit too adventurous for her own good.

In other kitten news 4 of the brood have now left mum and gone to their forever homes and I only have 1 home left to find for this little boy before he eats me out of house and home :)

In crafting news I've had a sewing week. I got an order for some bunting so while I had the sewing machine out I've been making lots more bunting, Christmas bunting, pincushions, mobile and kindle cases and getting my stock levels back up for my next craft fair. I don't have many pics to show you but I'll post them as soon as I do.

 As I've been up since the crack of dawn today I've also got quite a few hand embroidered mobile cosies ready to sew up. I really enjoy doing hand embroidery and I find it very relaxing which after this mornings antics is very much needed :)

I'm linking in with handmade monday yet again :)


  1. Oh cute kitten - am sure he'll soon find a home. xx

  2. Your felt/embroidered flowers are just beautiful! I love them.

  3. Love the hand embroidery. Very pretty, as is the kitty.

  4. The mobile covers look really pretty, I really like the embroidery detail. Oh your poor cat, she looks so sweet.
    Ali x

  5. Really like your flowers. You have a lot of patience. (Great picture of the kitten too.)

  6. Pretty felt flowers, and a handsome kitten. Hope he finds a good home soon.

  7. I love the bunting and the hand embroidery.The cats are gorgeous-I hope the little man finds a home soon.