Friday, 4 May 2012

kittens kittens kittens :)

 The kittens are getting bigger every day and now their personality's are starting to show through I've given them temporary names. I've just finished reading the song of ice and fire books so have taken names from there. This is Tyrion, or was Tyrion I should say, he's forever family came to see him last Sunday and they are going to call him Sheldon so I've now started giving him the nickname moonpie (I'm sure any big bang fans out there will get that one). He is a lovely little boy and he's the most laid back of the group he's happy to be cuddled and just flops into a contented lump when you pick him up. He's gonna be big he has the Bengal boy side, his dad was a big cat and he's gonna be fluffy but I think he's gonna be a big softy and I'm very lucky that he's going to live with friends so I'll be able to see how he gets on.
 Sansa and Cersei these are the two larger girls. Sansa is very much a pretty little girl, everything she does is dainty. I put ribbons on them last Sunday so I could start to tell them apart and Sansa is the only one who has kept her ribbon on, she knows how cute she looks with it. She is the one who likes to be handled least but I think she will make a perfect lap cat for someone as long as she is centre of attention she'll be happy. I'll be looking for a home for her without other animals or children.
 Cersei is Sansas opposite she isn't scared of anything. She was the first of the litter to do everything and loves to play fight. She loves attention, she sits on my shoulder while I read like shes the queen of all she sees. She loves a cuddle and snuzzes into my neck all the time. Wherever this little girl goes to live she will be the boss so I'm sure she will be fine with other animals and children.
Arya is in the middle of this pic and just look at that face she has a perfect Bengal face but no matter what she just always looks a bit sad. She has that ability like puss in boots from shrek to look at you with big sad eyes until you melt and scoop her up for cuddles. I don't mind saying she is my favourite of the litter and I am very tempted to keep her. If I do give her up it will be to someone I know I'm kinda hoping Boo will have her so I'll still be able to see her all the time.

 They will be ready to go to there forever homes in 4 weeks so if anyone wants a kitty let me know :)

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