Thursday, 31 May 2012


Regular reader of this blog will know that I work at Duttons for buttons a well known button specialist haberdashery and craft shop. It is a wonderful place to work although for a crafter like me there is a bit too much temptation to go shopping while your at work :)

 Many customers come in with projects they are working on for help and inspiration. This is great, I get to see all the lovely crafts people are working on and its gets my creative juices flowing to think up ideas to help them out

. One of the big things people are making at the moment is bunting. Bunting is easy to make and it looks so pretty, I'm really glad its made a bit of a come back. I've really enjoyed seeing all the different types of bunting people are making but other than a little crafting twinge I've never really got the urge to make some for myself. That was until yesterday when a lady came into the shop with some beautiful stitched and padded patchwork bunting she was making for a friends new baby. I told her straight away how much I loved it and did she mind if I nicked her idea, she didn't, she was chuffed, lovely :)

 My younger sister has just had a little boy named Lucas so I thought I'd use this Idea to make some bunting for his nursery. After work I nipped to the market and picked up a couple of fat quarters to top up the fabric I have at home that I wanted to used and after an afternoon of stitching and gluing here's what I made.

 I've used a set of cardboard letters that are normally used for scrap booking to draw around to get the hearts and letters then hand stitched them onto fabric squares with a contracting cotton.

This natural tape I've used as the tabs and hanging tape is one from work that I've been coverting for quite a while. The 2 meters that was left on the card was just enough to make this bunting.

I couldn't resist adding buttons as they look cute and finish it off nicely.

Hope my sister and little Lucas like it :)

Wouldn't you know it I've now got the bunting bug and I just know I'm gonna have to make more right away.

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