Friday, 13 July 2018

one week later.. catch up part two

Talk about life gets in the way. I am yet again late in writing this post.

I think I'll make the catch up part of this post mostly photos. If there are any questions feel free to ask here or on Instagram @lizwardcrochet if you want more info x

 Stitch therapy at The York makery is every other Tuesday. Its a social group for crafters with tutors on hand if you are stuck on a project. I try and go along to be there to help with crochet and get help with my knitting.
 New kits available in my shop
 First every sock head hat.
 Spring into wool yarn festival

 Haul from spring into wool.
 Cushion made for my new sofa, its knit in the softest silk blend yarn.
 Playing Tak in the pub.
 Knitting with Cal
 Knitting with Cassi
 Finished pair of hand knit socks with Cassi
 Cal not helping me knit a sweater
 Massive package of amigurumi came back from an exhibition in New York. I have no idea what to do with all these now :/
 Trying to get back into the swing of normal work with this tiny Thanos. Hes still not finished.
 More sock knitting with Cal
 Gave in to temptation and purchased the self striping, Mind the gap sock yarn
This was yesterday and how far I've got with these socks.
 Crochet cactus for the York makery window. I think they'll be some patterns here aswel

 My garden got a bit over grown so my sister came over to help out.

 We did that in a day. Its looking even prettier now.
 Gorgeous George working the till at the York Makery (if that isn't a reason to visit I don't know what is)
Floral window display at the York makery
 Mini Comicon in York city centre
 York Bloom festival
 First look at some new patterns This is Monty. He'll get a post just about him soonish
 Another friend back from New York
 Montage and pic of flowers in my garden
 Another new pattern I'm working on. Any ideas for what we should call this guy? I'll be having a naming quest on Instagram




Finally I'm having a Christmas crafting sale in My pattern shop
For all of July all my holiday patterns have 25% off
Now is the perfect time to start making for Christmas. Especially if you want to make a Nativity, you want to give yourself plenty of time.

So thats all for this catch up
Life is pretty good at the moment. the sun is shining and I'm enjoying being more social and working at a slower pace.
If you want more regular updates from me, you can follow me on Instagram or facebook where I post more often  @lizwardcrochet or amigurumibarmy

I'm off to finish my mind the gap socks now.
Till next time,
Happy crafting
Love Liz xxx

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