Wednesday 31 January 2018

Infinity Gauntlet

I have some silly ideas, sometimes.
I decided I wanted to make a baddies set for my doll patterns based on Marvel and DC comics. 

Mainly this was to add in some of the characters from Guardians of the galaxy that I've missed out and I really want to make a tiny Thanos. He's gonna be so cute and it means I get to make a tiny Infinity Gauntlet, which is the best thing ever :)

This got me thinking, maybe I could have a go at making a full size gauntlet. This idea rattled around in my brain for a while until I spotted some gemstones online. They were cheap, so I ordered them on a bit of a gamble. I doubted they would be right for the gauntlet project (probably too small) but it was worth a try.

They arrived much quicker than expected and after a quick rummage I found a big gem and oval ones that would be perfect.
I was excited now.
Its been a busy month and I've had a lot of crochet work come in. I decided it would be best if I finished any outstanding commission work before I started on this project. Turns out that was a great motivator, and I worked all hours to get my other projects done. I think I even surprised my Editors on just how speedy I was with this months projects. Maybe I should have explained in my emails that "Well if I got this done first then, I can make an Infinity gauntlet, isn't that amazing!!!" I think they'd have understood.

I knew I had stashed yarn I was could use. I had a Rico aran and a Drops DK that were the perfect colour. I decided to go for the aran as the Drop can split at bit and I really wanted to enjoy this make.

I have never made a glove or anything like, but I did have a clear idea how I was going to go about it.
I started making the first finger and making sure it fit my finger. I then did some lovely maths that meant that I could size the fingers and thumbs to keep the pattern elegant and simple. 

 This is the first picture I took, just after I'd joined all the fingers together.
From here on everything when pretty simply. I had ideas about the shaping and the decorative bits I wanted to create. Some of these worked perfectly, some I forgot about completely and some happy accidents achieved things better than I'd even considered. I was very giddy as the first part of the glove came together.

Its a very silly thing to crochet and as its a hand, it feels like its trying to tickle you as you are working around the glove. It defiantly gave me the giggles.

 I had planned on doing the sleeve part in the same style of stitch as the glove but I wanted to try doing it in the same style as my Groot pattern to see how that would look. It looked good.

Its at this point I ran out of yarn. I was a little bit moody(understatement of the century) about this as I'd planned to have this fun project completed in a day.
Wool warehouse were out of stock of the yarn but I ordered from It said it would take 3-5day for delivery. So I sulked, and worked on the decoration of the glove.

 This was the result at the end of day one. I was already so happy with it and just wanted to see it finished (yes I'm still bitter about running out of yarn). I packed it away and started some making some crochet daffodils for another idea I have in the pipeline.

Luckily the delivery of the yarn came the next day, (thank you but by this time I had a new commission project come in with a very short deadline, I had complete it straight away (that'll teach me being so speedy before). The Gauntlet would have to wait till the next day.

 Have you ever got up early because you are so excited to complete a crochet project. Well that was me. There wasn't much left to do. I finished the sleeve and added a bit of cuff. I hadn't planned on using eyelets but I found a bashed up set in a old craft box and put some in to see how they looked. They were perfect. (I have put them as  optional on the pattern it looks just as good without)
Then it was done.
So I decided to play with it and torment the cats :)
 It seemed it took the longest time to get a bright day to get some good photos. January has been very grey.
I honestly think this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever made but I love it so much.
I spent a lot of time putting the pattern together with lots of pictures and simple instruction. I'm as pleased with the pattern as I am with the finished gauntlet. I managed to add in sizing so this cam be made to fit adults and children.

 So really the only thing left to do was let my friend play with some spacey special effects and produce some amazing photos.
 Seriously, these are so cool.

I love them all so much.

Ok so now you want to know where you can get this pattern, have as much fun as me and make yourself the best thing ever. right. Here you go.
Pattern link - Infinity Gauntlet 
I will have some packs of the gems available to buy soon also.

Finally, I loved making this so much I'm gonna make another one so I will have a worked model available for sale soon.

If geeky things is not your styl,e there will be hearts, flowers and many adorable cute patterns coming up in February.  Follow me on Instagram to keep up to date with my projects @lizwardcrochet

Till then...
Happy crocheting


  1. I love the pattern for your infinity glove.

  2. u have outdone yerself !!!!! Truly a spectacular job!!! I love the gauntlet wish it was made in a tutorial ...

  3. That is not a BLO stitch on the fingers. You can not make a raised ridge like that with a simple BLO. Could you be meaning to crochet in the loop just behind the BL?

    1. If you read a bit further into the pattern this will become clear.

  4. Can you please do a video showing the stitch you use to get the ridge on the fingers? Thanks in advance!

  5. Perdón no hablo inglés , me gustaría tener estás presiosidades como puedo obtener el patrón