Sunday, 7 December 2014

an afternoon off

After a month of working non stop to get everything ready for the advent calender I started December with a clear scheduled and a good excuse for an afternoon of.

I roped in a friend for lunch in the pub and an afternoon walk.

We started at the Black Swan a very old pub in York. I had heard great things about the food and was not disappointed.

With full belly's it was time to get some exercise and work off our lunches. We walk the walls round York.

I'd forgotten to take my camera but luckily i persuaded my friend to take a few snaps with his fancy phone.
I don't know why these two have come out so small but they show an area of roman ruins round the back of York minster and the famous bile beans sign.
 This one is a rear view of the minster.

Finally as the light faded the Christmas lights shining on the river Ouse.

It was a lovely walk and we finished off our afternoon by watching the new Guardians of the galaxy.

Today I found a lovely pattern for the little Groot we see at the end of the film and couldn't wait to make one for myself, now I just need to find a pot.

This worked up very quickly. The pattern is written using American abbreviations. Its quite simple to follow but I did tweak it a bit in places.

Back to work and its another week of the advent calender coming up. Hope your all enjoying it so far. Heres a round up of this weeks patterns.


  1. That looks a great pub, it's been many years since I've been to York and walked the walls. I love the evening photo by the river. I've been out of the blogging loop for a while so I've got a bit of catching up to do regarding your advent calender. Loving your makes on the tree. :)
    Jan x

  2. I love York, we've been there quite a few times, its so full of history and gorgeous shops too. I love all your advent calendar projects, although I think the stocking is my favourite.

  3. York is fabulous, I imagine you must have visited Duttons for Buttons at some point?! Love the little Groot, who I saw on pinterest earlier this week. x

    1. Oh yes, I'm never away from the place, I've worked at Duttons for the last 8 years, its a lovely shop :)

  4. I so want to visit York, such a lovely looking place! I hear there has been quite an upheaval at castle Howard (my mum visited last week) I always love your lovely creations, Groot is gorgeous! Hope you manage to get everything done in time so you can enjoy a restful Christmas! xx