Monday, 30 January 2017

Katniss cowl

Last week I shared a picture of another project I'm working on for my friend and cosplayer Ashley-Rae. Little wolf cosplay
This was the first finished part of the cowl/shield worn by Katniss Everdeen in The Huger games Catching fire.
The cowl is made by weaving and plaiting yarn to create a really dense fabric.

 These screen shots are from the film. You can see the part I have made above it the top part of the neck.

I then crocheted into this neck piece to widen it. I had made lots of plaits in different widths and intended to sew these together to form the main body of the piece. As I started to crochet the top I came up with a better idea. I created a full base of crochet with open parts in which I could sew in the plaits.

 This was the base. Its just pinned to Miranda in this. I had made the pieces out of paper first to get the right shape and size, and then crocheted them to fit Ashley-Rae. I then sewed all the plaits onto this base.

 This is the nearly finished cowl. Pinned into place on Ashley-Rae.

 The back.
The finished back.
So this is the finished piece. Its fits perfectly which is good. I am very happy with it and I love how intricate it has turned out. I really enjoyed making it, so much that I was crocheting so fast to get the base pieces finished. I did make this completely free hand but I was thinking about writing a pattern as I made it.

I decided to re make it and simplify it slightly and write a pattern.

So far I have the top part re-done and I've taken step by step photos. I have also recreated all the base pieces and so I just have the plaits to re-make and to sew together. I think the pattern should be ready by the end of the week.

In other news this week I have completed three magazine commissions a have continued to work on my larger commissions of the blanket and rug.

The blanket is now big enough that one of the cats can fit under it. Its a bit of a battle which one get to though. I don't think either of them are happy in this photo.

I haven't updated any patterns this week. I been quite busy. I have added a few new patterns to my etsy shop.

These I had in mind for Chinese new year.
My lucky cats. Pattern has instruction for a large and small cat, plus a pot of gold and is available here £4 (not including VAT)

 Also for Chinese new year, as its the year of the rooster I have added my pot holder pattern. you can find it here and it is only £2.50

Finally this week I have added my Babushka tea cosy pattern to my pattern shop. I plan to release a tea cosy pattern every month this year. you can find the first one here just £3

 Again, thank you to everyone who has bought patterns and left such lovely feedback this week. My holiday fund is growing slowly and its all thanks to you. Love Liz xxx

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