Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Happy new year

Well goodbye 2016. Its been one busy year.

That is just some of the 72 original patterns I had published in 2016. If you count the ones I completed in 2016 that won't be published till 2017 I created well over a 100 new designs.

It was a bit chaotic to be fare and lots of things I wanted to get done, didn't happen. I haven't updated the blog as often as I liked.

So I'm gonna write a list of the tings I want to do in 2017

1- Go through all my old patterns and reformat them into my new printer friendly template.
This will mean that instead of needing to print off 7-8 pages for each pattern I will be able to reduce it to 2-3 page. Plus my new format is really hot and easy to follow. It makes me happy. I will announce on my Facebook page when each pattern is updated.

2- beginners amigurumi course.
This will continue and combine the amugurumi tutorial I started in 2015. It will take a beginner through all the process of learning amigurumi and understanding written patterns. I will produce patterns to go along with every stage of the course so with everything new things thats learned there will be fun patterns to try.

3- Avengers
This is a pet amigurumi project that I've been wanting to do for a while. I will produce a full set of Avenger inspired patterns. Staring soon with Iron man. I will be blogging the process of these patterns as they will not go to magazines and will only be published in my etsy shop. You can also find the photo of this project when it gets started on Instagram I'm @lizwardcrochet

4 - tea cosy calendar
This won't be an actual calendar but it will be a collection  of 12 seasonal tea cosy patterns. I've already made three.

5 - amigurumi
This is hardly unusual for me but I really want to make some cute stuff this year. There is a mental list of ideas but I am defiantly going be doing some more nursery rhymes, a corgi, armadillo, toucan and an alpaca. I'm going to be playing with scale again so there will be normal size, micro and mega amigurumi. I seriously want to make a huge fluffy unicorn, the world needs one :)

6 - stash buster project.
I have a huge amount of yarn in my house  and some of it I can never use for published projects as its been discontinued. I think a big blanket and some cushions is on the cards. I haven't decided if I'm going to make squares or do a big stripe blanket but I'll Instagram this project as and when it gets started too.

Also on the plan is to have an away holiday at some point. I haven't had one for 6 years I think its over due. 

So bring it on 2017 my crochet hooks are ready to go.

If you have any suggestions for new amigurumi projects please add a comment below. Happy crocheting xxx

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