Monday, 23 January 2017

Niffler on tour

 This week commission work has started to come in, so the work I've been doing updating the patterns has slowed a bit. I did get some done, I'll list them at the end.

The first commission was a re-make of a really old design of mine. An Easter bunny and chick. This was really nice as I go to go shopping at The York Makery  to get the yarn and fabric I needed for the re-make. This shop is so full of goodies I was in there ages picking the bits for this project.

 Luckily I'd brought along Niffler  to show Kayleigh and so he got lots of cuddles while I was able to look at all the goodies.

Niffler has been quite a hit this week. Hes been with me most of the week and has had a lot of attention. well, he is the perfect size for cuddles and he lots of fingers and toes which are very cute to play with.

I asked me cosplaying friend Ashely-Rae of Little wolf cosplay  if she could bring along one of her Harry potter wands, so we could get a photo of niffler and the wand. As it happens she has wavy hair that day and so we got these amazing shots of her looking like Hermione.

Aren't they fab :) I also really want a wand now. I got to play with that one for a bit and it was amazing. Its weighted just right and it feel so cool. Although I did find out that I hold my wand like a dark wizard so maybe its a good thing I don't have one of my own.

 Most of the week though has just been variations on this of this photo. I have a blanket project on and while I am still the cats are making the most of it and using me as a cushion. As I write this one of them is under that laptop tray and the other is by my side. They are very clingy at the mo.

 The blanket it growing slowly.
Cass thinks its for her. It is not, its for a magazine.

Taking a break from blanket and working on an amigurumi. The cats have no moved. I am just a cushion.

I got loads done but by Sunday afternoon my hand was really tired so I decided to stop crocheting and do some work on a project for Ashley-Rae my cosplaying friend.

This cowl from The Hunger games Catching fire is something I wanted to have a go making for a while and so when Ashley-rae said she wanted one I decided to make it for her.

I thought it would be a pretty easy crochet make, but its not crochet its all woven and plaited.
I have decided to combine crochet and hand weaving to create mine. So far yesterday I got the top part done and I'm going to spend the rest of today making lots of plaits.

I'm not sure yet weather it will be possible to write a pattern for this but if I can I will.

The only pattern I've updated this week is my Red riding hood, wolf and trees and toadstools. You can find it here 

The only other patterns I have uploaded this week are some simple Easter patterns. These are all in the new format and are available in UK or US abbreviation.

You can find them in my etsy shop

Finally this week. I have found an easy way to make my patterns available in both UK and US abbreviation. I will be uploading any new pattern in this way. As I update all the patterns I will be adding this aswell. Until then if there is a pattern of mine you would like to be available in US abs message me and I'll add it to the priority list.

Thank you for everyone who has bought my patterns this week. I hope you are all enjoying the new format, (I know it makes me happy) and are making lots of cute things. Please continue to buy my pattern and support this page. Its only with your support that I can continue creating new designs and doing what I love.
Thanks again
Liz xxx

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