Sunday, 15 January 2017


People always give me suggestions for what to make. Most of them are good and I file them away as ideas for later. Some however I have to make straight away.

That is exactly what happened when my Cosplaying friend Ashley-Rae suggested I make a niffler from the new Harry Potter film, Fantastic beasts and where to find them.

If you haven't seen the film or read the books, these are creatures hunt for buried treasure. Very cheeky little beasts they are too. They look like a combination of a mole, a beaver and a duck.

I knew I wanted to make mine about life-sized (can you have a life-size for something that fictional?). There is something wonderful about an amigurumi that is large and cuddly just fits in your arms. 

I needed some chunky yarn and I found the sirdar hayfield bonus for just £1.99 a ball at Wool warehouse  I order two of the chocolate and one of the light natural.

I wasn't 100% sure how I would go about creating the pattern. I knew I wanted it to be life-like rather than changed into a more amigurumi style. The one thing I did know, was there was no getting around creating all sixteen of the fingers and toes. I could have made hands and feet that make the fingers as they were worked but I wanted this to be a very simple pattern and combining can get over fiddly. So I made the fingers and toes first. They are a little bit fiddly but the chunky yarn helps. Once they were done they would show me how big my finished design was going to be.

From there I worked on the legs and arms. These couldn't be straight forward ether and I had to leave them half made and work on the head and body so I knew they would be the right length.

We had a bit of a distraction at this point as Cal (who was in a goes inside and goes under mood, she currently under my laptop, under a blanket at the mo) decided to try and get inside the niffler body.

It wasn't big enough but she did run around with it on her head for a bit before I got it back. Silly cat.

Finally I manage to get all the piece finished but about mid-afternoon yesterday. I had just about judged the length of the legs right and the arms needed a bit more. Sixteen fingers and toes, two legs, two arms, body, tail, pouch, snout and two eye patches, not a bad mornings work.

I have put detailed instructions on how to put it together into the pattern but I won't go into it here.

I did manage to finish it that day but I'd lost the light for a good photo.

 This one at least shows his size and all those fingers and toes.

This morning I typed up the pattern. Made him some coins to go in his pouch and took some brighter photos.

The pattern is available here - Niffler crochet pattern

Not a bad weekends work.

I've also updated some more patterns

 Georgina the giraffe has been updated. she is £3.50 (excluding VAT) and can be found here - Georgina the giraffe crochet pattern
 Rusty the dog (named after my sisters dog Rusty) has been updated. This is an intermediate pattern so if your looking for something interesting to try, give this one a go. Its only £3 excluding VAT you can get it here  Rusty dog and bone crochet pattern

 My nativity. I know Christmas has passed but this pattern is still selling well. Maybe we are all being super organized. This is a long project so it is a nice one to start well before the holidays. Its just £5 for the full set and is available here - Nativity crochet pattern
I have also committed to doing an extension pack to this set with angels, camels, donkeys and more.

Thats it for today.

happy crocheting
Liz x

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