Monday, 6 February 2017

Cats and patterns

This I have mainly been working on two big commissions for a magazine. the first being a blanket, that has lead to most of my photo this week being along the lines of the ones below.

 Blanket and half a cat
 All cats under blanket (this ended in a fight)
 Cassi under blanket.
 Cal in the way as I was ripping yarn out for a project.

There was really only so much blanket crocheting I could do in one day so I gave myself a goal of 10 rows a day and I averaged 5, oops. It did manage to get finished and it off on its travels now.

In between blanket making, I had time to update loads of patterns. I also found a few patterns that hadn't been in etsy shop before.
I'll list below:
 Ballerina - pattern come with flowers and extra ballet pumps
 Bright bunting - pattern also shows how to make the tiny pom poms

Neon dip coin purse
 Rainbow sheep
 Fritz owl

 Flappy and sleepy owl

 Owl doorstop

Water babies set
 Amigurumi dogs
 Tea cosy

There is loads more but its taking ages to upload photos so I'll leave it there for now. I am about half way through changing all the patterns. I'm really happy with how they are looking. It really inspiring me to add to pattern sets and make up more. The ideas book is getting very full at the mo.

The second Katniss Hunger games - Catching fire cowl is finished. I have the pattern ready to go I'm just waiting for a few spare minutes to type it up and put it in my etsy shop. This finished cowl will also be going up for sale and I will be taking custom orders, message me for details.

Finally this week I've sorted the packs of accessorizes to go with the Omnipom patterns
This are in my shop and you can find them here 

More Omnipoms are on the way but here is a work in progress shot.

Well thats it for today. I may do a mid week post this week as I'm in a few more crochet magazines than normal this month and it could make a nice post.

If you like my pattern please have a look in my Etsy pattern shop. Only by selling patterns can I continue to do this work I love and make more cute things. Happy crocheting, Love Liz

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