Monday, 13 February 2017

Love crochet

 This has been a bit of a strange week. I took a couple of afternoons off to re-charge and ended up not getting much done at all.
 I have updated a few patterns and done a couple of magazine commissions but its been a quiet working week.

I can share some magazine things that are out this month.

Love crochet magazine has quite a few of my patterns in this month.
 My dress up cats and my sheep draught excluder to start.

 I also got a nice little write up in there too.

 I re-created my bunting necklace but turned it into hearts for this design.

 My amigurumi picnic and slippers were also featured.

Finally my child's sun hat 

These patterns can also be found in my Etsy pattern shop

On the weekend I was joined by my friend and fellow crochet designer Steffi Glaves for a research and fun trip to the Sea life centre in Scarborough
 This is me and Steffi being very cold on the long walk round the coast to the centre. It was windy and cold,and I nearly lost my lovely fair isle hat that I knit myself. The sea was so majestic however we felt like very stoic Victorian ladies out for a promenade

 Lots of wonderful fishes, jelly fishes, rays, sharks and turtles were seen and lots of inspiration gained. I think I could do another two sets of water baby designs after seeing so many things I wanted to make.

 Me and Steffi had another reason to celebrate as for the first time we are both published in the same magazine.

In this months Inside crochet you will find these amazing tiny forget-me not earrings and pendant set that is design by my lovely Seffi Glaves
 My flamingo couple are also in this magazine. I had designed these so that their necks would form a heart in the photo but I like the way the magazine went better. They look so in love and happy :)
It so great to be next to a friend in print. it makes me very happy.

 I'm not going to list the patterns I've updated as we are getting to the point were nearly all of them have been. I do have a running list on Instagram if you do want to see them, you can follow me I'm @lizwardcrochet

The pattern shop has been busy this week and thats great . Ive also been left some lovely feedback. Its great to know that you are all loving the new pattern layout. Its been a labor of love getting them all changed but I feel like its worth it when I hear how much you like them.

Thats it for this week. Happy crocheting, love Liz

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