Sunday, 5 May 2013

Black out

This week I've been working overtime at the day job so there hasn't been much time for crafting. With only one full day to crochet I didn't want to start anything new. So I decided to revisit some of my older patters and see if there was any way they could be changed or made better.

The bobble bunch are small round animals and things they take about 10 minuets to make so I figured it would be good to remake them and play with the patterns.

At the end of the day I had a basket full of limbs, bodes and bits and a work book full of new patterns. I was just ready to start sewing them all together when I was plunged into darkness.

Panic moment. I couldn't see any other house on the street with their power out so the first thing I did was ring the power company

Inserting the only photo I can find of my home phone. Ignore me, the phones behind me. Its a nice phone, oldy fashioned, bit cool. However in an emergency it is the most useless thing in the world. Needles to say me and my lovely phone had a bit of a falling out that night but we go there in the end.

It wasn't a problem with the power company it was a problem with the power grid. A lovely Scottish man calmed me down and explained the situation then I had to wait for someone to come and fix it.

Trying to keep myself awake waiting for the guy to arrive was tough. Keeping the cats off the candles was tougher. It all go sorted in the end and I was able to go to bed at about 3am.

 Sleep deprivation and me don't go well and dragging myself to work the next day was difficult but I managed it, only to have every other customer tell me I look tired.

I had to wait till today to sew up all my little amigurumis and here are the results

First up are a new group of patterns called the water babies. I'm really happy with this group and this whale is my favourite. Hes so cute I love him :)
Next are a few stand alone mini patterns this mini owl, duck and mouse
Not a bad weeks work to say I've had so little time. All these patterns are now available in my etsy shop from as little as £1

Its that time if week again so I'm linking in with handmade monday


  1. They are all great! Blackout sounds scary - we don't have them here at all very much thank goodness.

  2. Love the water babies, and the mouse, and the owl and all the others too!!
    We are in a rural area and sometimes the power goes off for ages (touch wood it's not happened for a while), but it's not pleasant when it does. And what's worse is that our nearest neighbour is over half a mile away so I can't actually see whether they've got power or not!! Big hugs to you. xxx

  3. How frustrating for you. We often have short blackouts here, but it's usually the whole area that goes. I love all the little animals - so cute x

  4. What cute little cuties! I like the whale...well I like all of them actually. I have a wind up light to hand for any blackouts, not so messy as candles!

  5. So cute. That jellyfish is amazing! Brilliant. I thought you said that you didn't have much time for making this week!!!

  6. What a lovely collection of little creatures, the mouse is my favourite.
    I hope you have more creating time this week.

  7. Great creatures! Shame about the power going off - it's so annoying when that happens!

  8. They're all lovely but I do like that owl :)

    I wish I was so productive when I have no time!!

  9. I can't believe how quickly you made them. I love the little duck.

    Power cuts are horrible. Many years ago when I loved at home we used to get them about once a month. It nearly always happened when something interesting was on the TV !!!! xx