Sunday, 26 May 2013

Granny square purse

Its been another busy week here in amigurumi land.

My lovely hedgehogs have gone on their jollys to Simply Crochet magazine.

Dot the dragonfly is flying all the way to America to be in a book :)

I've had my tiny crochet hook out again for a project for Inside crochet magazine and on Friday a very exciting commission from Craftseller magazine.

I can't say much about the project but its gonna be colourful and cute.  I'm using the rico cotton I used for the project that will be in next months craftseller. I didn't have quite enough colours so I had to go on a bit of a yarn shopping spree, which was such a shame ;)
 I love this rico yarn it comes in such a fantastic range of colours and has a lovely finish. Its prefect for amigurumis. I'm trying to get the full range of colours so can will be my go to choice when I get to writing my first book. (maybe if I ask nice enough Rico will send me a few balls as I'm struggling to get all the colours even online in the UK)

In other news I have finished the little granny square purse I was taking about in my last post 

First your gonna need a good granny square pattern and for that I will direct you to this brilliant tutorial on Little tin birds blog.

You will need to make 4, 5 row granny squares in your choice of colour.

Then sew them together as below
Then fold on the blue lines. Sew up the edges but leave the top flap loose.

Then sew your flower on the flap.

When I get a few spare minuets I'm going to line this bag with some pretty fabric but for now here's how it looks :)

Well its handmade monday time again I'm looking forward to seeing what my fellow craft bloggers have been up to this week :)


  1. Your crochet hook has been busy, i love the dragon fly cute idea for young kids. Well done with your projects for the magazines I imagine that has been hard work keeping the deadlines.
    best wishes Julie.C

  2. How awful for you having to go yarn shopping, must have been as bad as my fabric shopping trip the other week!
    Your granny square purse looks a great idea :)

  3. The dragonfly looks gorgeous. Looking forward to finding out what the Craftseller project is!

  4. very cute little bag and such a simple idea. Oh dear shopping for yarn, must have been such a hardship :)how exciting to have some projects lined up for magazines. I look forward to seeing what they are in the future :)

  5. The bag is very pretty. If you are writing a book I think you should get in touch with Rico - especially if you have already used and specified their yarn in projects for magazines. When you get commissioned for a piece in a knitting or crochet mag they get the yarn for you. This is not that different.

  6. oooh i love Dot the dragonfly and your granny square purse is so cute!!

    All of your up and coming projects sound very exciting... i look forward to seeing the finished articles! :)

  7. Dot is fabulous! And the granny square purse is lovely, the colours are beautiful. I love blue and brown together and the pink just seems to compliment them.
    Will you still remember us when you're rich and famous?! xx

  8. Dot the dragonfly is lovely and congratulations to her for being in a book. Looking forward to seeing your project for Craftseller.
    Have a creative week.

  9. I really like Dot. She is very cute.

  10. Yarn shopping - as exciting as fabric shopping !! That Dragonfly is very cute and great being in american book! How exciting about your craftseller project too.

  11. Wow you have been so busy. The dragonfly is beautiful and I can't wait to see what your creating for craftseller. Thanks for the purse tutorial. I'm having a quiet day and may have a go at making one.
    Have a crafty week.
    Ali x

  12. How terrible that you had to go shopping for more wool.....

    I love the granny square purse and the dragonfly is beautiful xx

  13. Wow you've been busy! I've been eyeing up the Rico range myself for crochet bunting projects as it looks lovely on the shelf. The purse is gorgeous, I've made them from one huge square and put a long strap on them before :-)

  14. Hi I am Jei of CuteyPatutyCrochet I am giving you a Liebster award with 7 other bloggers. I hope you visit my blog to see your award. Thank you and God Bless