Saturday, 18 May 2013


The title of this post couldn't better describe the week I've had and I'm sorry but this is a very wordy post but indulge me ;)

I have come to the end of a long stint of overtime at the day job, which was tough but means I have quite a bit of free time now so all my crochet deadlines are achievable with ease and so much in fact I actually gave myself a day off.

Last night I actually had a night out. When your short on funds nights out are the first thing to go to the back burner. I have had only a few nights out in the past few years and they have mainly been works dos but last night I met up with someone I haven't had the opportunity to see for 3 years.

You forget when your an at home craftier, that there is a world out there. If there aren't other people around you tend to live in your own head space and one projects leads to another and you've been very productive but you haven't spoken to another human all day. If you do this too often like I have a tendency to you can become a bit of a hermit.

So with some true free time on my hands it was lovely to finally get a moment to catch up with an old friend. With my whole world bending on its axis twice since I last met him last we had an awful lot to catch up on.  It was a strange but lovely night. To be meeting a guy alone who wasn't Andy kinda felt like I was doing something wrong and that's a feeling that will take long time to get used to. Still it was lovely to have fantastic conversation and great laughs with an good old friend again. Drinks after work led on to me nearly missing the last bus home so that goes to prove how much I can rabble on as I think we only had about 4 drinks.

Also on the plus side while waiting in the bar for Richard to arrive I managed to write 2 and a half new patterns that I'll be making up tomorrow and I warn you the are gonna be cute.

In another sheer indulgence I will share with you something I am very proud of, Bubblebun one of my favourite patterns was features in the brand new look Craftseller magazine

How fab does she look :)
 I was in the madness of writing the many patterns for the book when Craftseller told me they wanted bubblebun. With little to no time and I had to re-make Bubblebun as the original had been sold via my esty shop. I love craftseller mag so much I managed to pull out all the stops and get her to her photo shoot on time and I'm so glad I did as she looks wonderful. Get your hands on this months issue to get an exclusive discount on patterns in my etsy shop also.

In other indulgence, today I had a true duvet day. Like every other day, I was woken a 6am by the cats misbehaving. Instead of giving in, getting up and getting to work, I got up fed them and when back to bed. I slept till 11am, made a cup of tea took it back to bed and read a book and napped till 1pm.

At this point my other indulgence this week was calling so much I couldn't ignore the need to craft anymore. For a long time now my drawings for my amigurumis have been a shameful secret in my ideas book but I wanted to try my hand at real illustrations. With a few penny's of spare funds I got some lovely Spectrum noir pens and had a go.

This is the result - bubblebun in 2d. Its my first attempt so be nice :)

Tommorow I'm having a big crochet day as I can't wait to try out my new pattern ideas. I am still wondering what colour the fluffly baby owl should be though. Please comment if you have any ideas :)


  1. She's gorgeous!

  2. Congratulations on your Craftseller appearance.
    I think any colour would look good as your baby owl, baby blue, pink or yellow and creams would be a nice 'baby' feel but I also like the idea of bright 'shocking' colours would look fun.

    Jan x