Thursday, 23 May 2013

Mollie makes vintage button flower motif

I have a weakness for craft and lifestyle magazine. Mollie makes is one that tempts me every month. This months issue has a give away of some very pretty vintage style buttons as a cover giveaway.

 Now anyone who knows me knows I have a bit of a thing for buttons. I do work at the biggest button shop in the UK and have a collection myself that is nearly as large as my yarn collection. I didn't want these pretty freebies to be forgotten about and lost forever to my many boxes of buttons but I couldn't think what to do with them.

I'd been working on flower motif for another projects and ended but with lots of pattern ideas that were rejected. I though it might be nice to rekindle and improve one of these abandoned flower projects and use the Mollie makes buttons in the centre.

Well this is what I came up with :)

After the photos is the a free pattern for the flowers so you can make your own too.

Mollie makes vintage button flower motif.

This pattern is written with UK abbreviations as Molly makes is a UK magazine. When I get chance I’ll write it up with the American abbreviations as well 
You will need
Dk weight yarn in your choice of colour
4mm crochet hook
Vintage look button
Wool needle

ch: chain
sl st: slip stitch
dc: double crochet
tr: Treble crochet
dtr: double treble crochet
sts: stitches

This pattern is worked in a spiral. Use a stitch marker to mark the beginning of the rnd.

Start with 5 dc in to magic ring

Rnd 1 - 2dc into each st to the end.
Rnd 2 – (ch3, skip the next dc, dc in the next st) repeat to end.
Rnd 3 – (dc, 8tc, dc) in each ch space the end
Rnd 4 – working behind the petals created on the last row- dc in the next unworked dc from rnd 2, (ch5, dc in the next unworked dc from rnd 2) repeat to end, sl st to join
Rnd 5 – (dc, 4tr, 2dtr, ch2, 2drt, 4tr, dc) in each 5ch space to the end.

Fasten off leaving a long tail of yarn.

Use this tail of yarn and a wool needle to sew your vintage button into the centre of the flower.

You can add a brooch back to make this into a corsage but I’m going to make a little granny square bag and use one of these as the clasp. I share the pattern when it’s made J

Happy crocheting!

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