Monday, 22 April 2013

The hedgehog family

 I've been working on the hedgehog pattern I showed you last week.

I loved making this pattern so much I decided to turn it into a family of hedgehogs.

 Mummy, Daddy and baby hedgehog. Don't they make a cute family :)

This pattern is the first of a new pattern set called woodland cuties. These patterns take the next step in amigurumi and use a new technique that I call over-working. Its a very simple process (when you get the hang of it) but it does take a bit more time than normal amigurumi making. I hope you'll agree its worth the extra time to get the depth in texture.

These hedgehogs have been in my bag with me all week and they are a big hit with everyone I've met. So much so in fact, that I've nearly lost them a few times, as most people don't want to give them back once they have had a cuddle. I don't blame them but I'm not giving them up with a fight :)

 The hedgehogs enjoying some signs of spring in the garden

The only thing is I can't think of any names for them, so if anyone has any ideas let me know.

The pattern for these is now available in my etsy shop here

Update I've introduced a tutorial page for this pattern to help with the new stitch you can find it here

Next up is a very cute squirrel.........

I'm linking in with handmade monday :)


  1. The hedgehogs look so cute. Glad to see they got to enjoy the sunshine. As they've been in your bag all week maybe you should call them the handbag hedgehogs.
    Ali x

  2. My goodness, these are adorable!

  3. They are very, very cute. I love the fact you made a whole family

  4. I love these. Is the technique something you have made up? Not very original but how about prickles or Spike?

    1. yes its a totally new idea (well my google search didn't turn up anything like it)that came from a spark of inspiration after watching someone at work struggle with a pattern. I'm trying to use it in this whole patern set :)

  5. They are absolutely gorgeous! Love the prickly effect, and the little flower, just so sweet! Can't wait to see the squirrel!
    Horatio, Harriet and Happy :) x

  6. he he :) aww they are so cute! I love the pictures of them outside, they look right at home :) x

  7. They're so cute. No wonder people don't want to give them back after cuddling them.... How about Herbert, Hattie and Henry.

  8. These hedgehogs are adorable. I can see why people try to releave you of them. Looking forward to seeing the squirrel.