Monday, 24 September 2012

Trick of treat

How quickly another week has passed. I've been hard at it again working on a new set of designs for Halloween. These little girls are all ready to go out trick or treating.

 Sorry about the picture quality its a wet and gloomy day today and I can't get any better than these at the mo.
This is Trish she a little steampunk princess. She has sparkly stripes on her tights and a natty little top hat on her lovely brown locks.

 Jo I've shown you before she was the first of this little group to be created and shes a lovely little witch.

 Sally's up next and shes a devil. Neat trick with her hair, its a natural cotton yarn and when you take it from the centre of the ball its already got that kink in it so you don't have to bother curling it. I really like her devil tail and horns :)
Poppy has come dressed as a pumpkin. The skirt on this one I made so that it would puff out like a pumpkin and the decoration is just cut out felt. I think shes been eating quite a bit of candy as she's a little chunky girl but shes really cute so we'll forgive her.

I've got a busy week now of pattern writing and then these and the last of the fat friends pattern will be in my etsy shop ready for you to make your own. How cute would it be to make one to match how your own little girl goes dressed as for Halloween as a gift to surprise her :)

In other news I have been spending a lot of time this week searching for a wool needle to sew my creations together. I've been trying to be a bit tidier when I work but this has meant that I can never find anything. That on top of the fact that I have a bundle of the most over excited kittens who play with anything that I put down means I have lost every wool needle I own (which is a lot). I bought a new packet of needles and promptly lost the whole packet 2 minutes after taking out of the bag. Something had to be done so after moaning about the problem with Grace at work we came up with the quite frankly brilliant idea of making pincushion pendents.

This one is mine and I'm wearing it right now after a week of stress it makes me a bit too happy to have it where I can see it and it makes such a nice necklace too :) 
I will be making a few more and adding them to my esty shop for all the other forgetful crafters out there :)

Its handmade monday time go have a look at all the lovely craft blogs


  1. The dolls are just so cute! I love them. I also like the idea of the pincushion, don't know why I never thought of it for my yarn needles, I have one for my sewing needles :)

  2. Your pendant pincushion looks great, such a clever idea!
    Love the dolls, I think Sally is my favourite :)

  3. The pendant pin cushion is such a great idea. I also love the dolls. They are a really happy bunch. I really can't pick a favourite as I like different things about them all!

  4. The dolls are adorable - I think Trish is my favourite followed by Sally! The pincushion pendant is such a clever idea!

  5. I love Poppy-the Halloween outfit just looks so cool!

  6. The dolls are just lovely - love that they all have names too. The pincushion pendant is a superb idea.

  7. Love Poppy she is so sweet, think these will do well on the trick or treat trip

  8. ThE trick or treat gang are very cool. They look like they'll have lots of fun

  9. What a wonderful group of dolls. I really like all the different designs. Your pincushion necklace is a great idea. I think I've lost at least two needles down the side of the sofa this week.
    Ali x

  10. What a fabulous idea for a pincushion pendant!! I love it! I also love the new Ami girl Halloween gang! Fantastic work!