Monday, 3 September 2012

crispy treats

 Its been a while since I posted a recipe here so I thought I'd share my recipe for marshmallow crispy treats.

This is the simplest thing in the world to make 

 You need 2 mars bars (or 3 if like me you nibble as you cook), a bag of marshmallows, 25g of butter, 2 heaped spoons of golden syrup and rise crisps.

 All all the ingredients into a pan and melt slowly.

 You can use a baking sheet but I just spread out backing parchment onto the work surface.

 Continue melting your ingredients giving the a stir every now and the. At this point when I was making these the metal spoon felt in the pan, I burnt myself getting it out and then managed to step on a drawing pin that had appeared from nowhere.

 I switched to a bigger spoon and licked the metal one clean :)

 Still melting. You'll notice the mixture goes quite pale when its all melted. Turn off the heat.
Now add the rice crispy. You want to add them bit by bit as its very sticky stuff and gets hard to mix if you put them all in

Tip the mixture out onto the baking paper and smooth out with a spoon. I tend to have a cup of boiling water on hand as the spoon gets very sticky.

Leave it to set for a while then cut it into bite size squares (or man size slabs) and enjoy :)

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  1. I am not familiar with "Golden Syrup" and can't read the picture well enough to tell exactly what it is. Could you explain what it is (generic name?) Thanks you, they look delicious.