Monday, 3 September 2012

3 and a half weeks

The kittens are now 3 and a half weeks old their personality's are starting to come through and its time for me to start finding them lovely forever homes. I have 2 boys and 4 girls and now Cals older kittens are growing up its easy to see these kittens are gonna be more Bengal than tabby.

Remember little Sheldon well just look at him now

He is such a beautiful boy and he's getting huge.

and just a reminder here he is with mum Cal.
 Now for the new batch :)
 One little girl
 One grumpy little girl
 Bundle O kittens somewhere in this pile of cuteness is the 2 boys and 2 of the girls.

 This little man is gonna be the pick of the litter. He is the biggest and is colouring is going to be like a silver Bengal he is absolutely gorgeous and whoever takes him home is going to be very lucky.

My favourite :) this little girl is the outcast of the group and tends to spend most of the time looking worried and incredibly cute at the corner of their box as a result she gets the most cuddles so I think shes on to something. She will be leaving home last. I will do the same as last time and stagger when the kittens leave home. this makes it less stressful on Cal and it helps give the ones who need a bit of extra confidence time to find their feet.
 I haven't given them any temp names yet so if anyone can think of any let me know. Also if you want to offer a forever home to one of these lovelies email me at

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