Monday, 12 March 2012

weekend in the garden

What a glorious weekend we've had here in Yorkshire. My garden was sparkling in the sunshine and all the spring flower are out and so bright and colourful. On days like that its not right to be inside crocheting so I was out baking in the sun, pottering round the garden and reading and chatting with friends.
 My garden is getting quite established now as we worked really hard last year, that means that this year I can relax and enjoy the seasons and see flowers coming back like old friends. Or so I thought, a garden is always changing and a gardener is never happy unless he's busy. So whats my new garden project gonna be? I'm gonna build a pond :) I have always wanted a garden pond to have froggies and tadpoles and dragonflies dancing about. I can plant water Lily's and marginal plants that I love but not had an area for before. I can't wait to start digging now :)

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