Saturday, 31 March 2012

Crochet bracelet

 Here's a free pattern for this very pretty crocheted bracelet.

All you will need is some small beads (I used a mix of pink seed beads), sparkly embroidery thread, a button and a 2mm crochet hook.
Even the most beginner crocheter can make this cause all you need to be able to do its chain stitch.

First thread your beads onto your embroidery thread. The more beads you add the more strands you'll get in your bracelet so be generous, its better to have too many than not enough.
 Right now push your beads down the tread so you have a clear bit of thread to start crocheting. Make a loop and chain 3. Now slide a bead up to your hook and do a chain stitch, this will anchor your bead in place. Do another chain stitch without a bead. Continue in this way alternating one stitch with a bead and one stitch without until you've used up all your beads, then do a chain of 16 without any bead and slip stitch back in the start of this chain to form a loop for your button. My strand was about a meter long when I'd finished. Sew a button on the other end and weave in any ends.

Wrap the strand around and around your wrist and fasten the button through the loop to secure.

There you go easy peasy and quick to make too. This can be made in any colour to go with any outfit and if you use more beads and make it longer you can make yourself a matching necklace. Happy crocheting x

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  1. This is really pretty Liz! I can see it in pale greens, purples and blues for a nice spring bracelet. I've never crocheted, but it's tempting to have a go at this!