Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Button flower pattern

The shop I work in has a range of wool on our top floor. When we first got the wool in I made up some bits and pieces as samples of the wool we stock. To be honest I'd forgotten about most of the stuff I made as those yarns have gone out of stock and new samples have been made, but on Saturday a lady came in asking for the pattern for some crocheted flowers I had made. Well I'd forgotten how I made them at the time, so I said I'd have a look at them and try and work out the pattern and post it here for anyone who wants it if I could remember it.
 Luckily a quick look at the flowers I'd made jogged my mind so here is the very simple pattern for these cute button flowers.

 You will need any bright yarn. I got 5 flowers out of a 25g ball of Dk yarn
 4mm crochet hook
 Selection of buttons

This pattern is worked in a spiral there is no need to mark your rounds.
Start with 6sc into ring
2Hdc (half double crochet) into the next stitch - repeat 150 times

Its as simple as that just keep going round doing 2 Hdc into every stitch and you'll have a flower in minutes.
Sew on a button in the middle and sew in any lose ends.

If you put a pin on the back these make lovely badges or they would look cute on a bag or headband.

Happy crocheting x


  1. I am reading the directions, but I wondered if there wasn't a mistake in the amount of times to repeat. you say 2Hdc into the next stitch-repeat 150 times. Can you please explain . Thank you.

  2. Hiya this pattern works as a spiral you do not mark the rounds. so you start with a 6 single crochet in a ring as your founddation ring but from then on you do 2 half double crochets in every stitch, going round your foundation ring first which if you want to count stitches will give you 12 stitches on round one, then continue in your half double crochets so you have 24 stitches on round 2, 48 on round 3 and so on and untill your flower is the size you want.doing it this way will cause the flower to fold in on itself and create the petals. Hope this helps

  3. Thanks so much. I am quite new to crochet, usually knit, but fell in love with these flowers. Thanks again for making it so clear for me. Sincerely, Karen

  4. What a lovely little pattern. So easy and yet so effective. I've been looking around to find things to add to stalls at Christmas Fairs.

    By the way I am putting a link to this pattern on my website. I hope that is OK by you.

  5. Tried this and mine were huge and looked nothing like this. Not sure what I did wrong

  6. Must be the type of yarn. I did this and got a bowl.