Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Down on the farm

 I can't believe its been over a month since I've done any work on the bobble bunch. I guess I got a bit sick of them cause I know how many more I had to make and a few went very wrong so I put them to one side and started other projects.
 Now I'm back with the first new set farmyard. This has a horse, pig, sheep and chicken in it and I might add a cow to it too. I am so happy with the little chicken he turned out just like I'd pictured him.
I'm gonna have a big making session and try and get all the new sets designs and made before I write up the patterns so my next job is the zoo animals and my elephant isn't going to plan oh dear.

My long list of bobbles to make
Zoo- Elephant (disaster looks like something rude needs re doing), monkey, Hippo, Lion (made but needs a re think) maybe a meerkat, mountain goat or giraffe
Christmas - Santa, reindeer, snowman, elf
Bugs - Caterpillar, spider, ladybird, bee, snail (done half the ladybird)
Halloween - Ghost, vampire, bat, pumpkin, witch, black cat mummy (mummy nearly finished and witches hat made)
Fantasy - Dragon, clown, wizard, robot
Possible more any ideas??

So when I finish these and add them to the set I've done it I'm gonna have a collection of over 60 patterns that I'm gonna make into a book. :)

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