Friday, 14 April 2017


 This is a design I did quite a while ago for Crochet Now magazine. I never wrote about it on the blog. Shes just come back from the magazine so I was a able to photo her and I thought I've give her a bit of a write up as she's a very special doll for me.

Anyone who follow me on Pinterest will know I have a bit of an obsession with old film posters especially old sci-fi ones.
I created a few space themed designs and there will be more to come no doubt. This was one that seem to take a lot of time to get commissioned. I think I pitched it to a couple of other magazines before Crochet Now went for it. I kept pitching it because I really wanted to make it.

I just wanted to make a really cool 1950 style space-girl doll. The main things I wanted to try was a different way of doing hair. I had seem a knitted version of bobbed dolls hair and knew there must be a way to create the same sort of thing in crochet.
 Its actually worked in just two pieces. Making it a much simpler way to make hair that knotting and platting. Its much quicker too. It looks pretty dapper aswell :)

 There are some really cute little details on this design that I just love. Most of them I've done it the silver grey so the stand out against the bright turquoise of the dress. She doesn't really fit in my light box so I haven't got a really good photo of her full length, but I think you can see most of the details in these.
 I've updated the pattern to the new printer friendly template. It is available in my etsy pattern shop for instant download, in both UK and US abbreviations.
 I would also really like to thank the lady who can't in to Duttons for Buttons to see me. She'd brought me a Easter egg as a thank you for sending her a pattern for my honeycomb cowl
She'd been in before and seen me wearing it. She bought some of the wool to make it and I gave her my details so she could find the pattern online.

We had a few problems and she couldn't get the pattern from my etsy pattern shop so in the end I emailed her a copy.
If you read my blog, thank you so much for the Easter egg it was a lovely. I'm glad you enjoyed making the pattern xxx

If anyone else has problems getting any of my patterns or you don't want to sign up to etsy please get in touch. my email is 
I am happy to print and post patterns or send direct via email. You could even pick them up in person at one of my Amigurumi clinics at The York makery if we sort it in advance.

 Right on to more work. I have a new design out in this months issue Lets Get Crafting - knitting and crochet. This is a set of geometric coasters. Its pretty simple design but I really like the way the colours go together. Geometric things are so on trend right now. I might expand on these and turn them into cushion patterns. If I get some spare time that is.

 I've also put together an Easter bundle as an Easter treat to everyone. Its 6 individual patterns with a total of 10 designs all together at a very special price of £5 (not including VAT) Normal price would be nearer £20 to get all these patterns
This Easter bundle can be found by flowing this link.
I will keep it at the discounted price till the end of April

Finally just another little reminder about the drop in amigurumi clinic. First I've made a bit of a poster so please copy. paste and share it around your crochet clubs and forums. This is a totally free event. Please bring along your projects you are working on or things you are stuck with. If you've made any of my designs and what to bring them to show them off, they'd be amazing to see too.

 If you are planning on coming along and have any special requests for demos or stitches you would like to see, please get in touch. use the comment section below of find me via email or facebook. I am not planning on taking my micro crochet kit this time, but I will do if I get requests.

Everyone who does come along will get a free pattern and a special discount code for my etsy pattern shop giving the 50% off their first purchase from my store.

Thats it for today. Can you believe I've got two Christmas commissions to start work on today. It gets earlier every year. I'll try not to get easter egg chocolate on the snowmen :)

Happy crocheting xxx

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