Tuesday, 25 April 2017

'lil Groot

I came a bit late to the party with the first Guardians of the Galaxy film. I saw it first on Netflix when it had been out for a while. I loved it, of course, its a great film but most of all I wanted a baby Groot.

I knew I could design one myself but first I did an image search on Pinterest to see what else was out there.

I found Twinkle Chans pattern for a baby Groot and it was perfect and free. 

I made this one a few years ago from her pattern.

 Then last year I made another. I changed the pattern a bit for this one and made it with 4ply yarn so its smaller. This is the one that sits on my geek shelf surrounded by fairy lights so it looks like hes dancing :)
 I had that many people wanting them that I batch made a few for some Christmas presents. Can you believe I managed to make all four of these in a day.

I have been very excited about the new Guardians film coming out at the end of this week. I keep watching the trailers just to see 'lil Groot now out of his pot and looking adorable.

I had planned to make this is a similar way to the baby Groot and had written the pattern out to make up last Sunday. Fate however got in the way and I had a surprise visit from my friend who lives in London. We had a perfect relaxing Sunday. No work got done but I had a lovely fun time.

Then as I was walking to the shops yesterday morning, thinking about bat wings. This is not uncommon, it might sound a bit weird. I try and work out patterns in my head as I'm walking and bat wings I have been stuck on for a long, long time. I really want to make a great bat design but I'm stuck on the wings.
I was thinking about a way I'd done fairy wings in the past by making a piece of crochet that fans out naturally. Suddenly I was struck by the thought of what if it would work for the new 'lil Groot. If it did I could make the body and legs in one piece and the would form the shape and have the additional benefit of having ribs running top to bottom.
 By the time I was home I had a pretty good idea how to form the pattern. I got on the laptop to do the maths and then I knew it was gonna work.

Its a beautifully simple pattern, I'm very proud of it. Most of it isn't worked in the round so its unbelievably simple and quick to make. By mid afternoon I'd made him and could get some nice photos.

 Isn't he lovely?
So of course you want to make one, like now before the film comes out, right :)

Well, I have released the pattern in my etsy shop you can get it here right now
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Happy :)
Oh one last thing. I will be making a version of my 'lil Groot in his Guardians jumpsuit aswell so stay tuned for that one. happy crocheting, love Liz xxx

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