Friday, 7 April 2017

Catching up

Wow its been a while since my last post. There are a couple of reasons for this but the main one is this blog is on a go slow. For some reason it takes ages to upload photos at the moment. I tend to grab all the photos I want to share and then write the blog around them, but every-time I tried to start writing I'd be waiting hours for the photos and give it up as a bad job.

I'm writing this post a bit differently to try and get around that.

The other reason I haven't posted it because I've been a bit brain fizzled. I think I was working too hard at crochet stuff and my day job that I just had a bit of burn out. I've had to take some time off social media and slowed my working pace down to make myself feel better. I also taken some days where I haven't worked at all. I've read books, listened to podcast and audio-books, watched movies and listened music, gone for walks and generally chilled out.

I've cleaned and cleared the house so it looks less like a workshop and more like a home I can relax in. I worked on some pet projects just for me. Like this shawl made from the new sirdar colourwheels.

I didn't write a pattern for this. Its just for me and I love it and I will be wearing it all the time.
These are the sirdar colourwheels. I popped into The York makery to pick some out as soon as they had got them in. I got the dark rainbow which, is what I used for my shawl and the peach and teal one which I'm making into a more summery shawl for me aswell. It was a struggle to only get two of these and I'm sure I'll be back for more soon.

I also started a micro crochet make in homage to a podcast I've found recently and am thoroughly enjoying. Its called Lore  its about folklore and how the truth can be more frightening than fiction. I highly recommend it to all. It is a bit spooky but in a very good way.

My tiny hand and Lore totem will eventually be joined by a gravestone with pretty flowers and grass around it, maybe a bulb of garlic, but defiantly a crow preached on top. I'm aiming to make it into a bag charm.
No pattern for these. To be honest I don't even know how I made the hand. I was in  mood and wanted to make something to cheer myself up. It is super tiny and so frustrating to make it suited my mood but when it was finished I loved it and it made me very happy. Crocheting cures all :)

While I've been quiet on the internet its been a busy month in magazines for me. I recreated a much loved old design for this months issue of Love crochet magazine.

You can see my bunny and chick in the bottom corner of this photo of the cover. this magazine also come with a booklet of 32 amigurumi designs all done by me. Its a rather lovely little booklet and I like having all my patterns collected together. I gives me more ideas for that eventual book.

I'm also in Crochet now magazine with me highland cow design. I adore this little guy. I first made him to go off to the amigurumi exhibition in New York. I was then asked to recreate him for this magazine. Its a really fun make too so go grab your copy if you want to make him.

This and every month I am in Lets get crafting magazine. this months project was a very on-trend set of geometric coasters. A simple and fun make. I really like how the colours work together. This is one of those magazine that comes with the yarn to make the projects inside so you can create like for like straight away.

I know I've been in a Lets knit magazine recently with my toadstool rattle and baby hat. I haven't got a copy of this magazine, I think I missed it somehow, so I don't have a photo. If anyone has seen it please message me with a photo, I'd love to see it.

Any patterns I have been working on for my etsy pattern shop  have come to a bit of a halt. They will be coming but I'm not promising when. I have a long to-do list and as I get back to work I will work through it logically and practically. Everything will get done but I'm going at a slower pace so I can enjoy my work more.

One think that I'm doing that I absolutely love is the Amigurumi clinic at the York makery
The first one was lovely, I had such a great time meeting you crocheting lovelies. We had demos and people brought along projects they were stuck with. I'm not sure how helpful I was with one of those it was a very over complicated pattern and so not how I write mine.

I had so much fun I forgot to take any photos. I'll try and get some next time.

The next Amigurumi clinic is the 20th of April 2.30-5pm.
My demos will be concentrating on amigurumi construction, making faces and different ways to do hair, but I'm there to help with anything I can.
You can find the event on mine and the makerys facebook page
Come along if you can. Its totally free and its great fun.

I'm going to be updating all my many bunny patterns over in my etsy pattern shop in the run up to Easter. So you can follow the bunny fun by following me on instagram @lizwardcrochet. I had such great feedback on the new pattern format at the last Amigurumi clinic. I think you all.

I think thats all for today. Happy crocheting xxx

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