Sunday, 22 June 2014

The Nook

Things are starting to setting into an odd sort of pattern here at amigurumi barmy HQ and I'm finding it easier to predict when I will have free time, meaning I have been able to get of of the studio and enjoy some days in the sun.

One of my favorite cafe/bars in York is the Nook its a small little cosy place with great food, wine, beer and cocktails. It used to be only open late on the weekend but they have changed the opening times so its now open all week. Much to my delight when I was out on a Monday evening.

 There is a real artistic feel about the place. I'm not one for sitting in pubs by myself but in here I was happy to wait with a glass of wine and my sketchbook till my friend to turned up.

This what the result of the sketch by the way, a little viking that will one day become an amigurumi.

My friend turned up eventually and wine was drunk, food eaten and a good time had by all, then we decided on a walk by the river.

 View through the trees into the museum gardens.
Walking back into York, the sun on Lendal bridge.

I really wish I'd taken my camera as the one on my phone doesn't seem to take very good pictures but I remember for next time. That the good thing about living in York there are lovely walks everywhere.

The peace was short live as new commissions started to arrive to the next day to fill my diary again. completed projects were sent of to happy editors and I'll be very excited to see one of them in the next Love crochet magazine as I have been told it'll be the cover project.

Its not a small thing to have my work on a cover so I'm always very excited when I get the news. I got an extra surprise this week when I saw the latest edition of Love crochet and knitting magazine hit the shops.

I hope you'll forgive my little excited dance in the newsagents when I saw my lovely geisha girls in another staring role. I had no idea they would be there. That brings my cover total up to 11 :)

I've got some great stuff I'm working on this week, one of which has been on my dream make list since I started to crochet so thats gonna be huge fun.

I'll lave with a little sneak peek at the yarn selection for my latest craftseller project. I do love seeing all the jolly colours together an my vintage tin. Happy days

Can you guess what that little lot is going to turn into?

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  1. I can imagine you sitting in The Nook, perhaps with your hook!

    1. I have a sneaky wish that they will let me hold a little crochet group there, so hopefully a lot of hooking will go on there one day x

  2. Ha ha you are now officially "A Cover Girl" well done :-)

  3. How exciting to have more projects on the front cover of a magazine. I love York, its such a fabulous place.

  4. Congratulations on another great cover :-) you have every right to be excited, its a big deal. so you keep dancing xx