Thursday, 19 June 2014

Craftseller cardie and tourist

Sorry for the delay in this post. I've been having a bit of writers block and every time I sat down to write this the words wouldn't come out. It was a very strange feeling and not one I want repeated anytime soon.

With only just over a week till the latest Craftseller magazine hits the shops I had better tell you about the projects I designed for the issue that's out now.

I've explained the commission process before but its worth pointing out that Craftseller magazine commission new designs every month so that their projects are free of copyright and anyone out there can make and sell them, after all that's the nature of the magazine. It is the only magazine in the UK that contains all new copyright free patterns and I think it deserves a lot of love for going to this much trouble for us crafters.

First up with thoughts of summer holidays in mind they wanted a boy tourist with a camera amigurumi doll. I knew as soon as I read this he had to have really great hair and he had to beginger and so sent my sketch of for approval.

I know you like seeing my bad drawings so hears another x

and here's how he turned out...

 This was before I sent him off. I took a quick snap of him. Bit weird taking a photo of someone.
 holding a camera  but we coped.

Here he is in the pages of Craftseller. (I really want that little suitcase they've pictured him on). Isn't he sweet, with his little ear sticking out and that sweeping ginger hair, he also looks surprisingly beefy :) I'm more than a little in love with him. I think its cause I don't get to make boys very often that I get very attached to them or maybe its just cause he is so cute and I want to give him a big squeeze.

Yarn used was the DMC natura range, quickly becoming my favorite yarn for amigurumi. Its 4ply so you can get a lot of detail with it and the colours are amazing.

While having fun with this commission I got another little request from Craftseller if I  have time. "Of course" I said, "delighted, what would you like?"

A crochet lace beach wrap was the answer.

Kinda scary I haven't done much in the way of garments but I'm always up for a challenge. In the time I had there was no way I could make a project in lots of different sizes but I knew I wanted something that could be adapted to different sizes easily if necessary.

I decided I would make squares and started with something like what I'd done for the flower motif cushion but opened it out and made it more lacy. I then worked on how to attach them together and the fabric was born.

Its bad sketch time again..

 Fashion designers out there would be horrified to look at that I'm sure but it makes sense to me and with the help of the sample fabric it made sense to my editor too.

This is nine squares joined together so you can see the nice open texture of the fabric.

I'm not gonna lie, this is a big project and it takes a long time to make 40-60 hours depending on your speed but I think its worth it. The fished cardie looks lovely.

Its all floaty and soft (rowan handknit cotton DK, yummy, yummy yarn, not cheap but this is going to be worn next to your skin and you are worth it). The belt is just platted leather thonging.

 In the magazine I think it looks great. A bit of retro chic :)

Ok this was made for a size 10-12 lady but if you go up hooks sizes it comes out larger use a 6mm hook for a size 14, 7mm for size 16 and so on and so on. You can also leave out squares to make it shorter or add more to make it longer, same with making it wider and narrower . The world is your oyster!! that's why I made it this way rather than in a big piece, there was method in my madness ;)

What do you think of my first step into crochet clothing? Should I make more? What sort of crochet clothing do you like? answers on a postcard or in the comments box below x

Finally I'm going to be doing some free and copyright free exclusive patterns for the first one is this super easy bunting and its available here

What do you think of the photo? These projects I'll photo myself rather than sending them off for the magazine to photograph. I soon found bunting isn't easy to photo but I liked this one the best.

Next up will hopefully be a crochet heart key fob to go with the free wallet kit that comes with this months issue, so if you haven't got a copy rush to smiths now while you still have chance :)

Lots more to tell but we'll leave it here for now. Back soon x

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