Thursday, 5 June 2014

Love crochet needleset and more

I wish I could show you the crochet project I've just finished and sent off to Craftseller magazine. Its taken 4 days of crochet and comprised 58 different components.

I can show you this pic of all the pieces before they were sewn together
The finished project is really cute but it'll be a couple of months before I can show you how it turns out.

Cal was my constant companion on crochet corner although she wasn't too happy when I had to frog one of the pieces and she got a new hair style.

For another project its been all about teal

I collected together all the different teals yarn I had to try and pick the best colour. I when for the DMC woolly that's on the top right but it was hard to pick a favorite teals such a lovely colour.

My other new favorite thing is my new sideboard. This is really old it comes with a matching blanket cabinet and it used to me my mums bedroom furniture but now its looking lovely in my living room and hiding lots and lots of yarn. You can just see the newest addition to my yarn collection is on the top, its more of the DMC woolly to go with the teal.

So on to magazines this months inside crochet is out and my needlework set is in it.

I'm very envious of the soft clover crochet hooks in this photo from the magazine but strangely I do have a pair of those green floral colours.
This set is the first of a series of practical and pretty crochet designs I'm working on. There is more coming soon.

There is also a sneaky peek at my ice cream pattern that will be in the next months copy of inside crochet.

I'll tell you more about these next month when the magazine is released.

Also this month the more adorable toys bookzine came out you can purchase it here. I don't have my copy yet but I have two projects it it that can be made with the yarn that comes with the magazine.

These animal masks and lulu the doll.

More about these when I get my hands on the bookzine. 
While having a google search to find this magazine I look what I found..

I haven't seen this in the shops so if anyone does see it give me a shout. Thats my Suzie bunny and Percy chick on the front so its going on my cover project list as number 10. I know nothing about this but I think its a bookzine I'll have a hunt to find out more and let you know more when I do.

Lastly its new craftseller time to here a peek at my projects from this months issue.

More on these in my next post. Till then happy crocheting :)

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