Monday, 23 June 2014

The craft club charity Yarn bomb

A few day ago some ladies came into the shop I work to buy some toy eyes. No I'm noisy by nature and I can't help but ask people who are buying toy eyes what they were making.
 These guys said they were creating little animals for this charity yarn bomb world record attempt. They told me all about it and we chatted for a while and I said I'd do everything I could to help out.

I got home and on the internet I went for a better look at what was going down.

You can find their website and all the details here

This is pasted from there site -

We are attempting to beat the Guinness World Record attempt of number of crochet sculptures in one installation, the current being 4061. Our theme for the yarnbomb is Enid Blyton's boom The Magic Faraway Tree, which features characters like Silky the Fairy, Moonface and Mr Saucepan Head, as well as lots of imps, pixies and magical land creatures. Our yarnbomb will have some very large sculptures which are about 4ft tall and then very small items like flowers, toadstools, birds, owls, sunshines, hedgehogs etc. We are calling on the crochet community to help us beat this record and any donations are gratefully accepted. So far we have had donations from as far as America and Mauritius all of which have been tagged with the person who has made it's name on it. The yarnbomb will be installed at Little Havens Hospice (havens hospice) in Essex, which provides care for children with life limiting illnesses. The yarnbomb will be part of their creative play activities and be installed in their sensory garden. If you would like to be part of it please email us at Much love The Craft Club Girls

I'm back :) I have followed their facebook page and if you want to do the same you can go here

I am also going to make as many things for them in my spare time from now and the august deadline and I want to encourage you all to get your hooks out and help them too.

To start with I've raided my makes box and selected this first lot of amigurumis, hearts and flowers I'm going to be posting off. Some old favorites in here but they are going to a better home and for a wonderful cause.

I'm also going to use this a really good excuse to re-read the magic faraway tree and maybe come up with some new designs for fantasy characters :)

To finish go here, like their facebook page, share their advert and even if you can't crochet you can be part of something that is going to be wonderful xxx

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