Tuesday, 6 June 2017


I am so excited about these new patterns. I have been wanting to do a set of Avengers patterns for nearly two years.

I have done a few different doll shapes before and I knew that they could be adapted to make these designs.
This was the shape I had originally planned to use.

I love this doll shape and it can show a lot of detail. The only problem was, these dolls take a while to make. The arms and legs are long and made separately. It all takes time and its very repetitive.
I knew I wanted a full set of the original eight Avengers and would probably want to expand and make more later. Making them this doll style would take a couple of days to make each doll. I knew I'd get bored making so many, so I've put off making them altogether.

It was by happy accident I worked out the new doll shape design. I mentioned it in my last blog post. I made the Guardians set and I was so happy with how they turned out. The dolls are smaller but much cuter, I could still get a lot of detail in and they would be the perfect size to fit in a hand.

 These are so easy to make aswell. I already had lots of lovely feedback on the Guardians set and I know you are going to all love making these too.

You can make one in an afternoon, easily. The head, body and legs are all made in one piece. You don't even need to use a stitch marker when you make the arms. I'll show you that trick if you come and join me at the next Amigurumi clinic on the 15th June 2017 at The York makery
They also fun to make in a hour or so you got most of it done and just have a bit of detail to add.
They really are super easy to make and they are just adorable.

The link to the pattern for the full set is here.
They are also available as single patterns or you can use my 5 for £10 discount and pick your favorites.
They are all on the new, lovely, printer friendly pattern format and are available in UK of US abbreviations.

Lets go through them, shall we.

Captain America

He is my favorite of this new set. He turned out the most adorable. We have had great fun playing Civil War with his shield and Iron Man. We always make them make up after they've been fight. I am a grown up, honest :)

Hulk. I wanted to do Banner aswell. I still might, but for this set I stayed with the big guy. Hes not scary here, hes far to cute for that.

Thor. Don't let the hair put you off, its super easy to do and I've put a step by step in the pattern. You also have endless hours of fun playing with his little hammer. Are you worthy?

Next up is Iron Man. Couldn't have an Avengers set with out him, could we. Now you can make you own and give him a cuddles, because I think he needs one. I may do an unmasked version of this in an expansion set or the Spiderman home coming set. If that would be something you'd like let me know in the comments.

Vision joined the Avengers in Age of Ultron and I really wanted him in the big eight set. I'm really looking forward to Infinity war and I think Vision is gonna be a huge part of that.

Wanda - Scarlet witch.
I have a friend who is slightly obsessed with Wanda. She does cosplay and Wanda is her favorite character. I had to get this so right or she was going to be upset with me. Think I nailed it :)

Black widow. Shes such a bad ass, I love her. I know you'll all love this pattern. There is a really easy trick to the hair that I take you through in the pattern.

I kinda sucks that are only two girls in this set up. I think we need to find some more from the MCU to add into the next set. Comment with you favorite super lady and I'll add it to the list.

Last up is Hawkeye. Adorable Clint. I needed to get the quiff right and I love how it turned out. There are instructions on how to make the bow in the pattern but you can always get a small toy one if you want to make him look really cool.

That them all. The big eight. More are defiantly coming. I thinking of a Harry Potter set and a Game of Thrones set. I would also love to do all 13 Doctors Whos and the cast of Community, oh and a DC set is coming up next.

You can meet all these guys at the next amigurumi clinic. I'll be showing off lots of tips and how to make hair, its gonna be really fun.

So thats all for today. I'm actually on holiday this week. I have a few magazine commissions to work on, then I'm off to see my wonderful friend in London for  a couple of days. I'm very excited, it'll be my first proper holiday in 5 years and its only because you guys buy my patterns that I can afford to go.

Thank you for all the lovely feedback you've been sending in about these patterns. It is like getting a warm hug

Happy crocheting my lovely geeks xxxxx

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