Friday, 30 June 2017

June update

June has been a busy month. The weather has been lovely. I went to visit my friend in London for a little holiday. I've been working on some really fun commissions for magazines that will be released in time for Christmas.

I've also added to my growing collection of Marvel and DC characters. Deadpool, above was the character that first started me down this rabbit hole of making these designs. I wanted to make a little amigurumi of him just for me, but I got a bit stuck and in doing so I stumbled upon this lovely new pattern shape.
Deadpool got put to one side as I created the Guardians and the Avengers.  He was just waiting for ages to be put together. Now he's turned out one of my favorite of the whole group.  
 My plan is to make all the characters that will be in the upcoming Marvel Infinity war film so far rumored to be 32 main characters. Thankfully I've a year before the film comes out to get these made.
I had to do Doctor Strange though and I loved the Ancient one so I thought they would make a really cute duo.
You can get hold of the patterns for these two here or follow the pattern link at the top of the page.

 We have a few films to go before Infinity war and the next big one will be Spider man Homecoming. I will be there opening night. I'm very excited.
 I really wanted my spider man design to be super cute. I spent a lot of time working on this design to get the proportions of the eyes right. I also wondered if I should add the web over the red. In the end I decided to leave it plain. I don't think anyone is not gonna guess that is Spider man. I wanted the pattern to be simple so everyone can enjoy it. I think doing a lot of sewing just makes the pattern messy and complicated.
You can find the pattern for Spider man here

 Not to forget about DC characters I released my Superman pattern last week. you can find it here
I wanted to go for a retro feel with my Superman design so I based it on the original films with Christopher Reeve. I think he turned out just adorable.
I'll be working on more of the DC characters and have Bat man and The Flash coming out soon.

 In other news I'm also working on a simple set of fun classic amigurumi designs. These are made in The James C brett noodles yarn, that is perfect for learning amigurumi. I'm not sure what these characters are yet but they are super cute and really fun to make. The Orange one doesn't have a name yet. Suggestions welcome :)
 The little blue one is called Dash :) patters for these and more coming soon.

I also received an advanced copy of a book project I've been involved with. I won't show pics from inside till the books been published but it's really lovely. I worked on two of the large projects in this book. Its so lovely to see the finished designs all together.

Finally I'm a bit late sharing this one and the next issue is due out shortly but this is my lovely little bride on the cover of Love crochet magazine.
I promised to make her a groom if she ever got published so I have to add that to the list.
Also in this magazine is my little hula bear that you can just see in the photo and my mermaid pattern.
If you have missed this issue I think you'll enjoy the next issue just as much. I'm hoping one of my favorite commissions to date will be on the cover.
 I've also just been asked to make something I've wanted to make for ages for the Autumn issue. I'm going to be having so much fun.

Well thats all for today. I'm going to write up the next newsletter now. It'll have a free copy of the Spider man pattern in. Sign up by entering your email at the top of this page.
Signing up before 2pm GBT 30/06/2017 to get the issue of the newsletter with the free Spider man design.

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