Friday, 26 May 2017


I wrote a couple of weeks ago about my latest Groot pattern. Well I've got a bit carried away since then. :)

I've been working on a humanoid shape for amigurumi because I wanted to make a set of avengers dolls. I made a few different designs of doll shapes, they were ok but they took a while to make and were a bit fiddly and I just wasn't very happy about recreating the shape so many time to make all the avengers.

I Started again on a different style of doll and starting making a Deadpool doll. This worked ok I had a large head and then a smaller body that worked from the legs up. It was working but I wasn't a 100% happy, so it got put to one side and never made.

After making Groot I had the idea to make some of the other Guardians. I started with Gamora and made the same size head I'd made for Deadpool. Instead of finishing off the head I went straight into the body and made it all in one piece.

After that she was finished pretty quickly. I was so happy with the shape, she just adorable.

Next I made Drax to again test the shape and see it it worked for a boy. I then was on a bit of a roll so I started on starlord. He has sideburns :) The mask was a bit complicated to figure out but I've managed to make it really simple for the pattern.

 It was pretty obvious now that I was going to make all of the Guardians. My original Groot pattern didn't fit with the set though. I was happy to make a new one that did. You can never have too many Groot in your life right. I only have four thats not a lot right... ?


 Next I made Yondu. I think this might be my favorite for the set. He does steal the film and I had a good old cry at the end. There is a lot of detail on him and I just love his goatee. 
 Mantis was a very quick make as there isn't as much detail. She is such a cutie though.
I left Rocket till nearly last as my brain couldn't figure out how to use my new shape doll to make the racoon design. I had the idea to use stitching rather than colour work after doing Starlords hair. Its actually a really simple technique and I'll be using in lots more in future. I'm really happy with the finished design its just how I wanted it to look.
Finally I made Nebula. She took longer the the rest to make because I wanted to use colour-work on her face but I couldn't do it an a way to make the pattern simple enough for all followers. In the end I made a stripe to be sewn on. I am really happy with the finished doll. Its how I pictured it but I am happy with how she turned out

All together now the amigurumi Guardians for the galaxy.

The best thing about these pattern is they so quick to make. I made all these in one week.

All the patterns are available from my etsy shop link here

Single patterns are £2.50 excluding vat while the movies is in the cinema
the full set is £15 excluding vat

Single patterns will be going up to the normal full price of £3.50 at the end of May 2017
The full set will stay at £15

The Gamora pattern will be available free in the next newsletter which will be sent out mid June 2017

I'm a bit addicted to making these designs now so this blog my become a bit of a geek out place for a while. I have started work on the Avengers, Deadpool has been redone and is nearly finished. I also have a Wonder woman and Spiderman coming soon.

The possibility with these designs are endless. I am defiantly doing another set of eight for the Avenger. I would love to do a Game of thrones set and maybe Harry Potter. Ooh theres so many I could make.

If you are bursting with suggestions to do comment.

Thats all today, happy crocheting. Love Liz xxx

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