Sunday, 6 April 2014

Craftseller cushion

Its been one of my busiest weeks in the studio. My hands are aching from the amount of crochet I've had to do this week. I sent of three amigurumi to Love crochet on Monday and have then spent most of the week working on two projects for Craftseller.

I showed you this little sneak peek of my craftseller project on Monday I have since somehow managed to completed the 72 flower motifs needed finish the projects. This pattern has been a bit of a departure for me but I've really enjoyed it. I can't wait to show it off but it'll be a couple of months before its printed so I'll just have to.

On Craftseller project I can show off is my cushion that in this months Craftseller out in the shops on Friday or if you subcribe you may be lucky enough to have it already.

 This cushion is made out of flower motifs again and is sew together. This is the first cushion pattern I've made and I'm really chuffed with it. Craftseller asked for these colours and I think they look lovely. My mum is waiting impatiently for them to sent me the worked cushion back as she wants it for her bedroom.

A good tip with the cushion inserts. I found them to be quite expensive but BHS had some cushion this size in the sale and they were only £3. I bought a few as I love the shape and plan to make more cushion patterns. Its worth shopping around for a good bargain like this.

As my hands were complaining I took a break from crocheting this afternoon and took some updated photos of my past amigurumis for my upcoming website.

Before - My dress up dolls with white background

After - With blue background

Its a working process but I like the background and I think they are looking a lot better. What do you think?

That it for this week I'm off over to check out handmade Monday why don't you join me x


  1. I think the white background is good, but what do I know? My photos are awful! You have been busy though - I expect your fingers need a rest x

  2. I was reading my Craftseller yesterday and spotted your cushion. Nice pattern - and good tip on getting cushion inserts - thanks. Dunelm Mill do sell lovely microfibre pads at reasonable price too.

  3. Love the cushion and those dollies are just so super cute!

  4. The cushion is a gorgeous colour - lucky Mum! And your dollies are so cute - wish I could make something so tiny and intricate as amigurami. Have a lovely week x

  5. I like the new backgrounds. You sound so industrious at the moment!

    Have a great crafting week,

  6. Aww how cute are those little dolls! I like both the backgrounds for different reasons... the white is nice and fresh and shows them off well but the spotty blue is more homely and approachable... i guess it depends on what kind of vibe you want for your site!

    The cushion is sooo gorgeous too, well done your mum for getting in quick with a request for it! :)

  7. LOVE the cushion, not surprised your Mum requested the worked version:)

  8. I like the cushion. Lovely colours, and very cool that you get it back in the end.

  9. I loved your cushion the minute I saw it in Craftseller and have decided to make at least one. Your dolls look wonderful, so quirky and fun.
    Ali xx

  10. Your photos are looking good. It's an area I still struggle with

  11. A lovely cushion, I always buy my cushion inserts from Wilkinsons, but I don't think I'd ever be able to make a crochet cushion.

  12. Love that cushion! Gorgeous colours! And yes the background looks good with the dolls!