Sunday, 17 June 2012


A week ago me and the above little **** had a bit of a falling out. I had spent a good while embroidering some linen to make into a coin purse for myself. When it got to put it together with lining and zip, I had a bit of a mental block and the above was being stubborn and the end result was my pretty little piece of embroidery got ruined. We both said and did things we didn't mean and we haven't spoken since. Shes been sitting were I left her, in my way and looking pathetic like a naughty cat.
 The problem is I now have a stack of embroidery to sew up so I've got to make amends. I'll start off small. Some more mobile covers need finishing off. These only need a quick sew round the edge so that shouldn't be too tricky for the old girl once I've got her loaded up with thread.

This though is a cover for a kindle and it needs lining. I'm a bit worried about making a mess this so I might leave it for a while and crack on with some crochet.

These little EDF energy blobs have been selling well in my esty shop and so far I've made £30 for charity. I've been asked to write a crochet pattern and a knitting pattern for them so I've that to work on next. Its gonna be a busy day.

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