Sunday, 8 April 2012

owl pattern update

Question: is the right or wrong side of the crochet the outside of the bag? Your pics look like the wrong side and my piece, I'm about 5rounds into it, is curling towards the wrong side as the outside.

I received this comment on my owl bag pattern and I thought the best way to answer it was to remake the bag and show you it step by step so here goes.

 This first pics shows the bag after on row 3 of the pattern. You can see that the bag is twisting, this is perfectly normal. After row 3 of the pattern you continue going round in single crochet until the bag is 2 3rds of the finished height.
 After about 5 more rounds you can see that the bag is still twisting but don't worry it will sort itself out
You can see now after about 15 rounds that the bag has started t flatten out.
 Now we've done 2 3rds and its time to change colour but first we'll look at the right and wrong sides of single crochet stitch.
 I don't know if this is true to all crochet but in amigurumi the above is considered the right side of the fabric, it has a nice even texture.
 Its a bit tough to tell the difference with a multicoloured yarn but this is the wrong side of the fabric.

Now after I changed colour and did the last 3rd in that colour I'm ready to decorate the bag. Instead of crocheting the eyes this time I decided to use felt and embroidery. First I cut out the felt shapes I wanted and placed them on the bag to make sure I was happy with the design.
 I've added wings and a crown to this owl just cause I think it looks cute.
Now finished, I used blanket stitch round the eyes and added v's in different embroidery colours on the wings to look like feathers.

So there you go I hope this helps anyone having a problem with this pattern

Happy crocheting :)


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  2. Mine is starting to flare. Its about 2 1/2 inches tall and is flaring outwards. does that make sense?

    1. if you've the same amount of stitches on a round it should flatten out as you work more