Monday, 23 April 2012

more kittens

Cals kittens are doing really well. They are 2 weeks old now and about 3 times the size when they were born, all of them have there eyes open and they are staring to be more mobile. Cal is still very protective of them and won't let me play with them for long but it won't be long now till they are weaned and that's when the fun really begins :)

Cal has done amazingly well for a first time mum. I could do without the den moves at 4 in the morning. Last week she decided she wanted the kittens in bed with me so I woke up to little scratches at the back of my knee and found Cal and 2 kittens sharing my bed. That's the problem with den moves, Cal can't count and she doesn't know when she's moved all her kittens. I've woken up a couple of times to find half have been moved and I have to persuade Cal to keep all her kittens together.

They only big problem I have is Cassi, Cals sister. She doesn't understand why her friend and cuddle bunny doesn't want her around at the mo, so she is very upset and has started growling and hissing at Cal. Its come to blows a few times between them and Cassi has started spending more and more time outside. I know things will settle down when the kittens are weaned but its just so sad seeing them mad at each other when they were so close. When Cassi does come in she spends most of her time hiding under my crochet and looking very sweet.

 more cute pics of kittens :)

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