Saturday, 7 April 2012

More cheesecake anyone?

 While I've not been doing much crocheting but I have been doing a lot of baking and if you've read any of this blog you'll know I and my friends are big fans of cheesecake. I have a very good recipe for a basic set cheesecake and I've used this base to experiment and make lots of different flavours. These are mini cheesecakes made in little foil pie tins and the will feed 2 people each or 1 greedy person but the best bit for me at least is they freeze well, so I can make a batch when I have some free time and then pop them in the freezer for when I want a sweet treat or I have friends coming round.
This time I've made my classic chocolate orange which you can find the recipe for here which is always a huge hit with friends and family. Next up is lemon meringue which a very simple lemon cheesecake topped with crushed meringue and candid lemon peel. Finally Eton mess, a rich strawberry cheesecake with meringue pieces topped with more meringue, fresh strawberry and chocolate.
 Don't they look lovely together like that and it got me thinking, a full stall of these at a food fair would look amazing don't you think? maybe I should give it a go. What do you recon guys shall I start a new cupcake fad with my mini cheesecakes? Here dreaming anyway :)

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