Saturday, 9 June 2018

All the gauntlets

Just a quick post. I know its been a while and |I will be back with a longer post soon.

I have been blown away with the popularity of my little Crochet Infinity gauntlet patterns. It has now had over 1000 downloads, which is just nuts.

I've put together a montage photo of all the pics of your Gauntlets that have been shared online.

Isn't that amazing. I love seeing them all together.

The love the internet has shown this pattern has been insane. There have been so many posts and memes and oh yeah this happened

Yes Mr Iron man himself posted about it. Crazy :)

I keep saying it'll be back to wok as normal when it calms down but its not really calming down.

Thank you to everyone who loves this pattern as much as I do. Want you own? I have the pattern, kits and the gemstones all available from my shop or via

I'll be back soon with a new update. Till then Happy crocheting, love Liz xxx

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