Thursday, 11 January 2018

Happy new year

I'm pretty excited about this year. I have lots of projects planned and I'm helping with a series of crochet books that will start coming out this year. One thing is for sure its going to be a busy one again.

I put together this compilation picture of all the projects that have been published that I worked on in 2017. I did less magazine work last year and it meant that I could concentrate on updating my pattern and creating new designs that I really love.

This year I plan to do more of the same and hopefully they'll be a bit of knitting designing to add in there too.

I've already started some projects that'll be coming out soon. I had to stop playing with them this week as some book projects came in that needed to be put first but I'll be cracking on with them again this weekend and next week.

 First project I'll be releasing will be my new hat pattern. Yup thats me and a pile of hats behind me.
I think this will be a free pattern that may will go out with the first newsletter of the year. be sure your signed up to get your copy.

 I have a new set of character dolls that will be coming out very soon aswell. These just need to be put together and finished. Can you guess who they are going to be? Stay tuned to my Instagram @lizwardcrochet to find out more.

Finally after the huge success of my sheep draught excluder pattern over  the past few months, I've decided to add more designs to this range. First up is this which when finished will be a row of piglet (I know it looks a bit like a row of boobs at the mo).

I'm up for more suggestions to add to this group. I though about doing more animals and a row of beach houses but any other ideas would be great fully received.

Now I just have to finish my proper work before I can play. This is a very seeky peek at what I'm finishing today. Its for the book project so its very hush-hush. Its a lovely stitch but its a bit slow to work. Cal seems happy with it as her blanket.

If you are looking for a new project to start this year then have a look at my Etsy pattern shop 

 Thats all for today. Here's to a great 2018.
Happy crocheting
love Liz xxx

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