Saturday, 29 August 2015

Tea cosy love

A while ago I was asked for some ideas for a giveaway craft mag that went with one of the ones I normally work with. I rattled off a long list of ideas for toys, home wares, decorations and clothing  and at the end I said "oh and a tea cosy might be pretty cool just cause I really want to make one"

Well they didn't go for the tea cosy idea and so it got put away in my book of the many ideas. Then a few months later, the same magazine asked me to design a Russian doll tea cosy and I was very, very happy.

My first problem was that I didn't actually have a tea pot. I know shock horror right. I did years ago and I loved it. I used to work at Whittards coffee and tea merchants and have great respect for tea and I've past tests about it.  Now I live alone and I make my morning tea in a mug, its a very pretty mug but I know in my heart its not the same.

I had a pretty good idea of the size of a tea pot so I didn't run out to buy one for this design.

This was the design I can up with. I knew I would have to make the main body of the tea cosy in two pieces and I'm not keen on the look if double crochet in straight rows so first I decided on stripes and then I decoded on cobble stitch.

 This was an experiment with eyes but it does show quite nicely the difference between the cobble stitch on the main body and the straight double crochet on the apron. I would work as much as possible in the round if I could as that lovely flat finish is my favorite but when I have to work straight I want it to be a bit more interesting where I can.

The embroidery on the apron is lazy daisy stitch its a classic embroidery stitch. I've explained how to do it in the pattern but there are lots of lovely tutorials on you tube if you get stuck.

This pattern was destined for Craftseller magazine and here it is in the published mag.

Finally on a tea pot and looking lovely.

The story doesn't end there. I had really enjoyed making this design and quite a few more ideas for tea cosys came from it. The book of the many ideas had a lot of tea cosy scribbles and many things underlined (my version of must make this soon). I could see the next one I wanted to make perfectly, pale green with an abundance of flowers all over the crown.

I also had in my mind that I must buy a tea pot, I just wanted a plain white one I could use for photos. This was one of the fist stumbling blocks because I couldn't find a nice tea pot. there were lots of stainless steal one around but all the white ones I found were way out of my price range. Then last week me and mum were on a mission the next tea cosy had been made and was waiting to be put together and photographed so I needed a teapot now.

I knew I could get a plain white one from the range but before we got there we when into BHS home for a spot of lunch and I spotted this baby :)

Isn't she pretty :)

The best thing is her handle and spout are white so she'll work with for my tea cosy photos but she's so pretty to look at too and that makes very happy.

That only leaves the reveal of my next tea cosy pattern. Ta da.....

I call her flora and I love her.

Again I've used the cobble stitch for the main part of the cosy and then covered the crown with tiny flowers and leaves. I love the combination of coral, cream and green together it just works and give it such a delightful retro feel. It also reminds me of a swimming cap and I like that :)

This tea cosy pattern will be available soon (later today if I type fast enough) and I'll be using it at my first Crafty afternoon on the 17th september.

This will be held at Duttons for buttons in York, UK and its a craft and chat so bring along your latest project if you want to join in. I'll be there to get you started if you want to try something new and I'm a Jack of all trades when it comes to crafts so I'll be able to advice in most things.

I've worked at Duttons for buttons for nearly 10 years and while I'm mainly a crochet designer now I still really love being there for the few shifts I do every week. Its always been a bit of a dream to do these Crafty afternoons so I'm really looking forward to it.

So its in Duttons, York 2pm - 4pm first one is the 17th of September but it'll be every third Thursday each month. Craft, chat, tea and cake what could be more lovely. I hope to see some of you there.

Also I've not stopped on the tea cosy patterns. I'm going to do a calendar - 12 patterns one for each month and its going to be amazing.
If you have any suggestions for what you would like to see and what month  it'd be lovely to here them so comment below.

Right I don't know about you but I need a cup of tea and this time I'm gonna make myself a pot.

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