Saturday, 22 August 2015

fried egg coaster free pattern

 I really enjoyed writing yesterdays introduction in amigurumi. I am going to keep these tutorials going and part two will be up soon (later today if I get all my pattern writing for work done). I thought I would whip up a quick free pattern to go along with yesterdays starter lesson so there is a fun quick project to make to practice your new skills.

The first post is here if you want to recap before having a go at this.

In it I talked about the first part of an amigurumi pattern were you are increasing by 6 stitches every round. If you do this you get a flat disc and so I've written this pattern for fried egg coasters which shows this technique nicely. There are some handy hints about colour changing and finishing off after the pattern.

 You will need
white and yellow cotton yarn DK weight
3.5mm crochet hook
wool and embroidery needle
white felt
white thread

dc - double crochet (single crochet in US terms)
sts - stitches

Starting in yellow yarn make a magic ring and work 6dc into the ring. 6 sts

Round 1: 2dc into each st to the end. 12sts
Round 2: (dc in the first st, 2dc in the next st) repeat to end. 18sts
Round 3: (dc in the first two sts, 2dc in the next st) repeat to end. 24sts change to white yarn now.
Round 4: (dc in the first three sts, 2dc in the next st) repeat to end. 30sts
Round 5: (dc in the first four sts, 2dc in the next st) repeat to end. 36sts
Round 6: (dc in the first five sts, 2dc in the next st) repeat to end. 42sts
Round 7: (dc in the first six sts, 2dc in the next st) repeat to end. 48sts

Fasten off. Weave in and cut off any loose ends.

Cut a circle of white felt the same size as the coaster and sew in place to the back for insulation.


So there are two things in this pattern I didn't cover yesterday so I'll talk you through them now. The first is changing colour.

Have your new yarn colour ready when you start the round where you will change colour at the end. You will be changing colour on the last stitch of this round. 
Work this last stitch as a normal dc -hook into stitch, pick up yarn, draw through stitch - now instead of finishing the stitch with your first colour you are going to pick up the new colour on the last part - lay new yarn over the hook and pull through the two loop son the hook.

There is no need to know the yarn together just cut of your first colour leaving a length of yarn you can sew in later.

I'll talk more about changing colour when we get to stripes in a later tutorial but for now that should be all you need to learn.

Finishing off

I usually end a pattern with the words "finish off, weave in and cut off any loose ends." To finish off all you want to do is cut of the yarn you are working with leaving a long tail. Use your hook and draw the yarn through the loop on your hook and pull to close the loop securely.

Quick tip - whenever you are changing colour or finishing off always leave a long tail of yarn (about 15-20cm more if you want to. It just makes it easier when you are sewing in the ends and nine times out of ten you can use these tails when you are sewing amigurumi dolls together

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