Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Avengers set two

I have finally finished the second Avengers set. Don't they look great.
I am so pleased with how they turned out. This being a pet project, its been put off a few times when real crochet work has come along, its great that I've managed to finish them now.

As ever, I've done all the hard work so that the patterns are really easy to follow and re-create your own little member of the team.
The full set can be found here in my etsy shop

 I'm trying not to have favorites but Ant-man was a late addition to the team. I didn't think I could make his helmet look cute or be an easy to follow pattern. I was so wrong. I love how it turned out and you would n't believe how easy it is to make.

If that wasn't enough to convince you to give this pattern a try, then I'll add that you need to eat chocolates to make this. Yep, the eyes are made from the cellophane that wraps the strawberry Quality Streets choc.
Save the other cellophane wraps if you buy a box, I've got plans for the other colours on future dolls  :)

 Now I can put the first four sets of Marvel character amigurumi patterns together and don't they look amazing.

The patterns are all available here
The more you buy the cheaper they get.
Its £3 for each individual pattern. I have a few duo sets at £5 each and the sets of eight are £15, the full set of thirty-two patterns is just £30. All prices are excluding VAT
You can also use the Five patterns for £10 discount and pick your favorite team. 

I have lots more plans for these designs sets coming up. I have a batman set that I'm working on at the moment. After that it'll be Justice league and them Black Panther.
I may also do some sets that are really just me geeking out about stuff I love. I'm tempted to do a Bill and Teds bogus journey set (maybe, possibly, probably...)

 I have also released the pattern for my fancy crochet baubles. This is a two pattern pack for £2.50 its a bit of a special offer for a nice Christmas make. Available here 

You can also get any of my pattern via any of the links above or via my new website www.lizwardcrochet.com 

I know I put this on every post now but I really want to thank everyone who has been buying my patterns and leaving such lovely feedback. Every pattern you buy from me make me really giddy. I get a sound like an old fashioned cash register from my phone and I do a little cheer every time. Thank you for making me happy.

In other news I when metal stamping at The York Makery
They do drop in sessions, so me and my friend Ashley- Rae went also to have a go.
You get a short tutorial and full use of all the tools and then you can make what you like.

 Its great fun, if a little loud with all that hammering.

 It was lovely to do a craft so different from what I usually do. Being a bit wonky in crochet adds to the cuteness but here I kinda need my letter to go in a straight line.
I decided to make something based on the podcast I'm listening too most at the mo My brother, my brother and me.
 I loved it and we'll be going back. The York makery are running all sorts of drop in craft sessions in the run up to Christmas so check out their website to find out more. Its a great way to make Christmas presents that are personal and pretty.

Finally I'll finish with a little pic of my Funko pop collection. Current count = 18. This is just the Thor Ragnarok ones. I should add that I have Thor but Santa has taken him and I have to wait for Christmas for him to come home. I also now, have Valkyrie, she arrived after this photo was taken.
I would like to get hold of the final hulk pop, the one without the helmet, but it was a con exclusive so I may never get it. Seeing these together really makes me what to do a Banner amigurumi doll. (That might have wait for the infinity war set )

Bit of a favor before I finish today. My Pinterset is playing up since firefox updated and I can't post pics. If anyone could post the pics from this post for me and tag me, so I can add them to my boards, that would be amazing. Thank you in advance.

Happy crocheting and collecting. Love Liz xxx

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